christmas was good

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  1. my wife did real good this year. we picked these up a couple days before christmas but didnt get to put them on till christmas morning they dont look as good in the pic as they do in real life but you get the idea. black pony wheels with unpainted center caps. they came off of a retired DPS car and i dont know if i am going to repaint them. i like black wheels but dont know if i like the center caps the way they are. but they defenitly look better than the ten holes that i had before, and it handles so much better now :nice:
    also a pic of my dirty little n/a 2.3
  2. That reminds me of the Cobra on the cover of 5.0 Resto's 79-93 Mag, except for the convertible top.
    I would paint the center caps. I don't really like convertibles in general though so I'm a little biased.
    If the car had red molding and no hood decal and was a hatch/notch with all black wheels ... mmm ... now that'd be sweet!
    I really want some white Ponies for mine and then I'd paint my 2.3 emblems white.

    I was wondering if anyone felt a difference in handling in stepping up to the Ponies since I plan to get them in the Spring. And it sounds like you have?
  3. Your hood says 302?
  4. 302

    ya it was gona be a 302 till i made up my mind on the 2.3t
    if i took the gdecal off the hood it would show the big burn mark in the paint where my egr tube came loose and burned the hood :mad:
    the tires are 225/55ZR/16s the old ones where 225/65/15s with those changes the car realy does act alot better. next is the springs sway bars and struts.