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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by rknhrse, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Hello all, I have a 74 Mustang II that i am looking for the chrome window trim on the outside of the drivers and passenger doors, or if you might know where i can get them. Thanks, Rknhrse
  2. Fastback or coupe?
  3. I thought the only difference on doors between them was the glass?:shrug:
  4. Oops! I was thinking drip rail trim. :rolleyes:

    Hmmm.... I thought all the glass was the same... :scratch:
  5. Pretty sure the top edge of the glass follows a slightly flatter line on the coupe. I'd check, but it would mean dragging a coupe door out back or a fastback door out to the front yard...

    On the original topic, though, I'll see if I have a decent set...or would it be different on a 74 vrs a 75-78?:D
  6. Is the glass different? I have a coupe that needs a window and would like to know if a hatchback is a suitable donor.
  7. Man... I'd almost swear that the glass and trim are all the same 74-78 Copue and Fastback. But that's possible. I don't have a coupe to compare to. Now i do know that not all window regulators are created equal, difference being how long the shaft is; the inside handle connects to.
  8. Ya know, I've had several people get almost angry at their insistence that the coupe and fastback windows are different. They "guarantee" that they've measured them, and that there is some slight change. All I know is that in 1991 some [email protected]@hole smashed the passenger window out of my '77 Cobra II and stole a bunch of stuff while I was in Spokane, WA for a Joe Satriani concert. I had a long cold drive back to Missoula, MT that night. The next day I went to a yard, and the best window I found that had factory tint was from a coupe. I installed it that afternoon, and it's still in the car to this day.
  9. There is a difference in the glass. The Coupe glass is straighter accross the top than the 2+2 glass. Why would ford have differenet #'s fo the glass if it wasn't the same. I've also used a Coupe glass in my Cobra until I found the correct glass, it just seals MUCH tighter in the upper back corner.

  10. Because it's FORD. :D I dunno, design changes, tint, different manufacture, etc...
    Not doubting you, just always thought they were the same. SEE... learn somethin' new every day!!!:nice:

    BTW- Where is the p/n located on the glass?
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