Cluster Problems

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  1. I have 04gt auto that is showing all dashes for milage temp speed an tach lose power an quit workin as I drive I shut the car off an try to start theft light kicks on an won't start but if I try for second time it will start an run with theft light goin crazy gives the 1-6 code my buddy checked it with a snapon scanner it showed PCM disabled he cleared it an was fine for three days now back to goin crazy I've checked all grounds fuses plugs changed GEM box CCRM I need help before I hurt this car only mods off road hpipe an CAI but have a feeling the car has a tune car was wrecked just needed a core support nothin major the boy cleaned out a ditch tore up bottom of core an packed crank pulley full of dirt
  2. What is the condition of the ignition switch? Sloppy? Any recent break in attempts?

    IMO the problem may be that the PCM is loosing power. The theft light is blinking because the cluster can not "see" the PCM.

    If true, this problem could be in the ignition switch or CCRM. Consider monitoring fuse F2.34, F2.2 or F2.8 to see if power drops when the problem occurs. Depending upon which fuse drops power will determine the next step.
  3. My question why it works for three days after all codes r cleared I understand has to go through engine cycles for engine light but u think if it power loss it would b instant I'll check for power loss on them fuses as far as ccrm which ones will interchange with it I was told that on the GEM box that it had to come from 04gt only I pulled one out of my 03v6 parts cars an it had exact same part # but the ccrm has a different part number could the cluster b going bad?
  4. With key off all three have no power with key on they have 13.2v running have 14.9v that was at fuse 2,8,34 under dash
  5. Ok forgot to mention some other problem that has to do with the problem bout a month ago went to drive the car an it was dead put charger on battery an abs pump kicked on an would not kick off so I pulled the fuse under the hood battery charged everything was fine till a week ago an all this started me an my wife was checking the three fuses 2,8,34 then I needed her to pull the car up an I heard the abs pump clicking so I pulled the big plug off it an all the gauges an milage work I'm confused how this is possible with main fuse pulled which I was told that is how u diable abs prolly not right lol
  6. The ABS uses fuses:
    • F1.8 hot at all times
    • F1.17 hot at all times
    • F2.29 hot in run
    • F2.33 Hot at all times
    • F2.5 hot in run
    Soooooo if the ABS is getting power with the key off, most likely the problem is related to circuits F2.29 and F2.5. Where do these fuses get their power? What device do they have in common?

    Answer ignition switch gang B3 (wire color RD/BK flag "J")

    Also devices that stay powered on even when the key is on the "off" position is is sign of a bad ignition column switch (not the key cylinder but the electric switch).
  7. Nope yer wrong lol bad abs module on the pump I'm gonna do away with it an pull light problem solved