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  1. Hi guys!

    I need help with my stang, i own a 2002 mustang V6 manual trans with flowmaster dual exhaust. The SES light is on, so i came to autozone and they read the code P0401, i read that is a common fault in our cars and most of the time is the DPFE sensor, is that correct? is there something that you would recommend to check/clean before buying any parts?I would also like to know where to buy parts if necesary.

    I would appreciate any advice.

    Raul R.
  2. code 0401

    I went to autozone and bought the EGR sensor and the service engine soon is not there yet, about 150 miles since I replace it. I think that was the problem, I feel smother the engine on steady velocity and more miles per galon.

    Maybe this can help someone with same problem.
  3. You know I have a 2001 and did the same layout but I get a code of p0402 wich is insuffecient exhaust flow yet and I replaced my egr sensor about 4 months ago anyone know what could also be
  4. did you replace the egr sensor or the dpfe?
  5. yeah i replaced the egr sensor and replace the egr valve itself as well but i did notice that a low idle it sounds like air is escaping from the passenger side i think they might not tighten everything down right. its like a low ticking sound
  6. "ticking" is a good indication of an exhaust leak. Check all connections and let us know!:nice:
  7. check the rubber hoses going to the DPFE sensor , sometimes they burn up ...