Common Problems?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by tuned, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. I currently own a 4.6 98 Mustang GT. And i'm flat ass fed up with it and the entire 4.6 platform. To much money to make them go fast, and before they go fast they need to move and my car is constantly in the shop with problems.

    from what i can see the mods for the 5.0 302 thats in the 94-95 are cheaper and they can be made faster for cheaper? correct?

    what i want to know is this, what are the common problems with the 94-95, is 94 better than 95 or vice versa? or the same.? common problems?

    also, what are the minor bolts with gears that make the car fast?

    thanks, tuned.

    also, what are the differences in appearences from the 94-95 compared to 96-98?
  2. The 94-95's are alot cheaper to mod than the modular motors but a tiny bit more than the 93 and earlier 5.0's.The 94-95 are practically identical so no worries on which one you choose. There a few problems I have found pretty common like when you mod our computers are a little less resposive than the 93 and down. If you are modding a stock car my first choice would be a set of rear gears, then underdrive pullies, and a shifter. That right there would be a great start for some low 14's if its a 5 speed.
  3. also, appearance wise the 94-95 have horizontal tail lights not vertical, I like ours alot better. I think there are different wheels styles too. I am sure there are more others will fill in.
  4. Welcome to our side.

    Stock harmonic balancer will let go after you start to push the rpm's.

    94-95 no difference

    As for minor bolt ons that is just what they are. All of em added up don't do for you what h/c/i will do. I found pulleys and home made cai to be the most gain for the buck spent. You are right to go for the gears first without a doubt.

  5. Also a common problem is the cheap harmonic balancer for used on both 94/95 they usually give out after 100,000 miles. Good thing is a good street/strip balancer from prefessional products only cost arond $110 shipped :nice:. You are right it is a lot cheaper for use to mod than the 4.6's. As far as appearences the tail lights are really the only major body differences that I can tell at least, and our side emblems just say "mustang gt" the 96-98 say "mustang gt 4.6".
  6. anyone else?
  7. I think we have different seat belt buckles???? Rocker panels are different from 94 to 95 too.You have a t45 we have a t5. Oh and ours is better.