Expired complete tork tech m112 intercooled kit new

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  1. I have a complete m112 intercooled supercharger kit with optional 42# injectors 90 mm mass airflow and an sct chip. brand new lost intrest in project. id like to get 2500 got almost 5500 in it. make an offer i live near columbia mo buyer pays shipping or pickup 2013-02-07 20.12.20-1.jpg 2013-02-07 20.12.20-1.jpg 2013-02-07 20.12.20-1.jpg
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    Make me a offer
  4. will it fit a 4.6 2valve
  5. So this is everything you need to install and start running minus a tune?
  6. Yes this is a complete kit minus a tune and a cobra throttle cable
  7. do you still have the kit for sale?
  8. Is this still for sale? Text me at 5139674427
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.