Convertable Motor Issues

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by ry94stang50, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Ok so my top doesn't work anymore. It sounds like the cable that goes to the front of the top snapped. I heard a pop. Andd right after that I heard fluid squirting out of the motor when I push the button and I noticed a puddle of fluid under my rear seats. I don't know much about top motors but can anyone help? Is that cable a pita to change? And is there a fluid linr I should look for that might of came off or loose?
  2. Ahh thanks...I haven't even looked at it yet....I didn't even know there was a cyl. I thiught it was just a motor. But it does make sense. It sucks I have a styling bar and I read I'm going to have to remove that to take the rear panels off and access the cylinder. Thanks a lot steve that was a big help. It must have blew the cylinder or something it was so bad there was a puddle of fluid under my car and trail fe om where a backed out of my spot at work all the way out of the parkinglot. Fortunately its getting cold so I prob won't have to replace anything untill next spring. Lol again thay link was a huge help as I didn't know all that went on with the motor and such......I'm also going to need a new top in general because the previous owner stabed it or something. Its patched and doesn't leak.....yet. any idea on what a new top runs installed? I heard there a pita to DIY. And I should have it professionaly installed plus the frame is crap too so I hope it all comes in a package.
  3. The top has three basic components. The top itself, the rear glass and the frame. They are priced separately. Most just need the top. Installed prices will vary by location but you are probably looking at $800+ not including the frame. For the hydraulics and frame I would look for used parts. I don't know the year range but it's probably from 94 - 04.