Convertible Or Hard Top

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  1. Is a hard top suppose to be faster than a convertible i just got my 03 convertible but i love that unit
  2. Verts are a hair heavier but not enough to really make a difference. You also run into differences in chassis rigidity, but again, not significant. It's mostly down to preference. I prefer hardtops.
  3. I didnt think it could really be that much difference but thanks bud..its kinda slow now tho but i know its a 2 valve motor and not really sure if i should spend money on that or do a new power plant swap i have been a ford man my whole life but this is my first mustang and still learning more everyday about them
  4. Don't doubt the 2V. A lot of people bash it because it doesn't have a whole lot NA or near stock. One thing about them is that they love boost (or nitrous). It has to do with the bore x stroke ratio and whatnot. I've got a built motor and a procharger and I run away from 99.999999999999999% of the cars on the road. If a blower isn't in your budget, a nice 125-150 shot will be plenty of fun :nice:
  5. I love my 02 convertible. Even more so with a kenne bell.:banana:
  6. One of my good buddies have a 2011 mustang s helby gt500 and my ultimate goal is to atleast be able to keep up with him i have been looking into the hellion turbo kit kno anything about that setup??
  7. + one on loving the 'verts. On my second one now and love my 2000 even more than my old 96. Blower is already being figured out.
  8. When i bought my 2003 GT, it came down to a hardtop or a convertible. Chose a hardtop, but kicked myself every day for it. Wish i got the convertible. In the end, the car was more of a cruiser, and i never raced it. So having a car 0.1 second slower in the 1/4 mile wasn't a big deal to me if i chose the drop-top
  9. I have owned 2 'verts and have loved them. The way the weather has been here in jax Florida I don't think I have even put the top up since the last cold spell we had Thanksgiving.
    The only thing about them that's a hassle is when it comes time to get the tops replaced.
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  10. you can run the hellion turbo system but i HIGHLY recommend you get your bottom end rebuilt with forged internals. you will also need to upgrade your entire fuel system also an aftermarket k member so the turbo will fit. new clutch such as spec stage 3 or mccloud twin disc otherwise you will burn the stock clutch up.