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  1. does anyone make a cowl repair for the 71-73? my cougar is rusted on both sides. i cant find a decent donor car to cut it out of, or they want gold for it....
  2. I have a 72 stang coupe that has the dreaded cowl rot. I have yet to see any repair kit, as these cars have a different cowl setup than the earlier stangs.

    How is yours rotted? Mine is actually the sheet metal that forms the bottom of the cowl so water actually runs through the cowl right on to the floor. I have done what I can to get the rust under control from the outside of the sowl/hood area as well as from inside the car/under the dash for now. I am going to try to get some estimates to get it repaired by a body shop over the winter and maybe get some of the other body work done too.

    Good luck
  3. if you lift the plastice cowl covers, its in the corner by the vent opening, on both sides. i had a huge mouse nest in there. i would go to the touchless car wash, and i would get little nut shells on the floorboard (as well as in the glovebox). i vacuumed it up a few times before i figured it out. i had some pics somewhere, but i dont know where they are right now.....i actually found a good cowl at a local junkyard thats pretty much a tax writeoff for the owner, he dont sell anything, and he wants $300 for it. the car is just a bare shell. it would take about 10 minutes with a sawzall. maybe someday i will break down and buy it from him, it is not going anywhere. the car is completley stripped and thats the last good thing on it is in the middle of nowhere and you are not supposed to go in the yard, but i snuck around the back, so i knew the car was there. i asked him if he had the car and he said he didnt. then i had to point it out to him. guess he needs a new filing system for inventory....
  4. Yeah my cowl was the same way with the mouse nest and little seeds falling on the floor and stuff. The PO said he drove it regularly until he got too many tickets and had to park it for a few months. Seemd like the mouse nest had been in there for a few years.

    Good luck
  5. the bad part is that there is more rust in the cowl than the whole rest of the car combined!!!!!
  6. Just figured I'd share the pics of my green 72 coupe cowl area:



    I got lucky and found a cowl piece on ebay a while back - won it for $50 :banana:

    Good Luck

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  7. looks like mine....
  8. Oh....geez. I bet ours looks like that too :( stupid mice!!!