Crate Engine Builder wants me to go F.A.S.T. EFI over Mass-Flo . . .

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  1. You couldn't give me a BG product to put on my car. That company BLOWS
  2. No updates yet, I finally talked to the owner last week though

    and apparently my decision wasn't communicated, or wasn't acted on, by the guy I talked to. Looks like they dropped the ball but the owner seems to set up the priorities and build queue, so I should be in the home stretch. He told me to give him a call back on Thursday, which is tomorrow, so I'll post up some news when I have it. He also had a lot of good things personally to say about the EZ-EFI and why they were recommending it over the Mass-Flo.

    I went to a Mustang show the other week and talked to one of the Cobra guys who had gone with a SEFI kit that required a lot of laptop tweaking (none of the ones here, not even a Retrotek or an Edelbrock, don't recall the name, it was one I hadn't heard of) and I felt even better about the EZ-EFI.
  3. any updates?
  4. nothin' yet

    supposed to go to the dyno late this week . . . PM me and I can send you a video they did of an engine build of an SBC and a BBC using the same EZ-EFI kit. Trying not to post engine builder's name, but any sleuthing on this forum can find it out pretty easily. :D
  5. Also, if your really wanting to control timing with the FAST system, just add the new MSD 6AL-2 programmable box. Will do more than most would ever need. I agree they should of put timing in with it. Its not a deal breaker for me, I usually run pretty simple timing curves.
  6. I ended up finding a Powerjection 1 bareley used for a too good to pass up deal, I still think the ez-efi is in some ways a better design as the injectors inject fuel under the butterflies BUT I will be posting my results between carb/mech dist, powerjection/mech dist and then powerjection with tfi and ign control.

    I really lean towards the ez-efi but the powerjection is compatible with forced induction and N20 where the ez-efi isnt but I would bet the ez-efi would make a bit more power because of the injector placement, more port injection style vs TBI style as the butterflies I would think could slow atomization with fuel having to hit them first.
  7. 6AL-2 it is, thanks for the reminder

    In doing all this, and since the engine isn't done yet, I completely spaced on the need to get an ignition box to handle the new engine since I'm not going Mass-Flo. With trunking the battery (I'm using a short ground and a long ground up to the engine/engine bay to avoid any grounding gremlins), new rad and fan and supports, Boss 302-style welded shock tower reinforcement, getting the March pulleys right, and exhaust, I neglected the ignition box. On the FAST site, they seem to recommend the MSD 6AL and by extension the -2, so that's decided. Thanks for the reminder. I'll probably get the 6530 programmable model. I know my ignition won't adjust for fuel/air mixture, temp, humidity, etc., but programming an ignition with predictable fuel/air behavior versus programming an entire fuel/air/spark system with a laptop should be much simpler, kind of like working in two dimensions rather than 3.

    @htwheelz, I'll be checking that out. Once the original 302 is out it's ready for me to get machine work done on and stroke myself (to 331) so I can finally build a motor from the block up. What that goes into, or if it's just a spare engine, who knows. My girlfriend and I are toying with getting a '67-68 6 cylinder auto Mustang coupe and gradually upgrading it, and that could be a home for that engine. She doesn't own a car and it would be a cool ride for her.

  8. I am interested in seeing how the FAST EZ-EFI works out for you
    My other ride a Early Bronco with a Ford Racing Crate motor might be a good candidate for this system. I have been doing some research on it, and so far what I read looks good, but have mostlly been GM guys

    Wow been a while since I posted here, and all my posts are gone, hehe
  9. any updates on the new eng?
  10. nope, not yet . . .

    I keep getting the runaround . . . I'll be sure to post something as soon as I have a dyno run or have it in my hands, but I keep getting the runaround on the final delivery date.
  11. this is with the T&L engine ?
  12. EZ EFI

    70vert, thanks for the link, the EZ-EFI looks very promising and has a higher HP rating than the smaller FAST XFI complete system which is rated at 550HP Max. The FAST EZ-EFI is of great interest to me know after seeing Hot Rod install it on three engines and working great on all of them.

    Would a 1990s MSD 6AL be all that I need to control the ignition side or do I need the newer digital versions?

    Learning a lot on here :D
  13. 6AL should be fine

    I went with the 6AL-2 programmable, for some laptop tuning capability, but a 6AL should be fine. Part of the reason for the programmable ignition was hedging my bets because I wasn't going with the Mass-Flo with its ignition control. I'd at least like the option of playing with ignition control myself later on a rainy day.
  14. I was thinking of going this route but they told me it wont work on a forced induction set up, but I have been talking to the guys that make the Powerjection 3. They have been real helpful and offered to show me the procharged El Camino with the kit.Im probably picking it up after new years.
  15. That's it? Come on, 70vert, how did it all turn out? Did you ever get the engine? Did the Fuel Injection system work out for you?

    I'm really curious how the EZ-EFI system worked, or what people would recommend today for converting over to EFI. It has been almost 2 years since this thread died.