damn polish

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by saleen195, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. I was polishing my 03 saleen and got some of it on the black plastic pieces. Now the crap doesn't come off. Anyone have this problem or know how to get it off? :bang:
  2. Use Mothers Back to Black, you have to buff it good its not like a dressing
  3. There are a couple of solutions. A lot of guys use peanut butter to remove wax from black plastic. Seems to work. Another solution is those white erasors shaped like a rectangle that you can get at an office supply store usually meant to erase pen. Has to be the white ones, the pink ones won't work.

    To prevent it from happening again I would get some painters tape and tape up your trim before waxing. Sounds like a lot of time but, really it saves time in the long run.
  4. peanut butter eh..hmm, outta give that one a try. Intresting how they thought of using that..hmm, lets see if PEANUT BUTTER will work! ah hAA!!!
  5. have you tried dawn? or any other type of dishwashing liquid? That will usually strip the wax and polish.
  6. When I bought my 00, the dealer had gotten wax on the mirrors-Meguiars Gold Class Trim Detailer and a toothbrush got it right off, plus it made the black look much better (I didn't realize how "grayed" it was).