Deletes and other mods while engine is out?


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Mar 16, 2018
Hello everyone, its been awhile! My car has been torn apart sitting in a friends garage for months and finally about ready to get back at it. It ran decent but needed a clutch and lower strut tower rust repair on the drivers side due to most likely not missing a NY winter.

Where I am at now is the car is getting a new radiator support put in since a previous owner cobbed the front end back on with severely bent impact zones/frame horns. I plan to either turbo a built 4.6 2V or (sorry in advance) LQ4 6.0 swap with turbo and T56 down the road. But for now I am just looking to get it back together and painted and out of my buddies shop. Good news, I did find a NOS 35th limited wing for it!

Now onto the question. We are already deleting A/C, cruise and doing complete ABS removal. There will be no bolt in block here. We are running new lines since most of my reasoning for this is make room for the turbo system it will have someday. Weight savings and bay cleanup are a added bonus.

I am trying to decide now is there anything else I want to do before the engine goes back in? Should I relocate the battery to the trunk? Once again this is for engine bay room in the end and I realize I would actually be adding a bit of weight with the length of cables. Where is a safe place to run the cables from the trunk to engine bay? I would like to keep power steering and brakes which I feel may be a problem if I LSx swap and try to use flipped truck manifolds. Any other deletes, mods, tricks while im this far torn down and looking ahead? Ive half forgotten this car so if nothing else this should help me get my head back into it! Thanks for the help!
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