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  1. Have you guys thought about putting DIY threads inside the tech parts? I think it would be nice, and most likely easier for people to find questions on how to do things. For example, Put a thread called "Foxbody DIY" inside the "Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech" Section. Just have to keep generations separate or it will just be a cluster of threads people have to file through.

    Just a thought, and I think it would be good.

  2. Pretty much the entire Tech section is DIY. That's kinda what the forum is about. o_O

    If it weren't then it would just contain a list of shops and mechanics.

    Have you looked through Technical Information Index? It's a sticky at the top of the tech forum.
  3. Yes I have looked through it, but JUST a DIY section would be nice. I have seen it on other forums and its just easier to find stuff, like DIY Alternator upgrade with a step by step write up, or DIY Electric Fan Install. It can be anywhere from a simple oil change to custom work.

    Obviously, you haven't been looking around though, because there is no 1979-1993 Fox Body "Tech" Section. Only talk. There is a 94-95 Tech Thread.
  4. Yeah... I'm completely unfamiliar with how the forum is arranged. :D

    As far as the Fox tech goes... it's here:

    Again... the whole forum is about DIY. Sure... with all the newbz and last generation cars, there's a lot of, "what shop do I go to to get this" kind of thing.

    Have you looked at the technical thread index?

    When a good thread about doing this or that comes along, it gets added. For instance... The alternator upgrade you mentioned:

    Edit: This should be good news for you BTW. Soon... we will have thread tags. When a thread is created, you'll be able to choose a category that the thread goes into. Like... an engine build thread will have an ENGINE BUILD tag and so on.

    You'll be able to sort those tags using the forum search engine. Should make things easier when you're looking for a specific topic.
  5. Oh really? It's only the main category on the forum homepage for the 5.0 Mustangs. Obviously, you haven't been looking around. Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech
  6. Don't really post on other sites other than Stangnet but I noticed a few of the other Mustang forums have a "Build Thread" section. That's not a bad idea. I'm all for getting rid of sub forums, for instance Squeaky Wheel should have all the other sub forums in it other than Fight Club imo. However the Kenne Belle A2A build thread was fantastic and now has become a staple some place else. The same build thread on Stangnet is long gone. Once it leaves the first page it's history.

  7. New news from UPSTAIRS. In the near future, there will be a RESOURCE section where folks can write and post how to and tech articles. It will look more like a technical blog (on-line magzine article) than it does a thread. So stay tuned for that.

    You'll be able to review the article or take part in a discussion about that article. The example that I looked at for this setup IMO was very limited but I think that had more to do with the kind of site that hosted that particular example. I think the idea will have more potential in a forum like this.

    Things like the two KB custom intercooler threads, @MadMike1189's 89 Mach 1 thread, and @JRichker's diagnostic threads should all find a really nice home in a format like that.