do you like this 05' photoshopped ?

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  2. cool idea but the photoshop picture looks pretty sloppy. keep at it, man.
  3. ElCid2006, what are you smoking??? It looks great. It suppose to have a hand drawn look. Its not "sloppy" at all.
  4. falchulk - thanks.-

    I didn't think it looked to bad myself.. colors don't match perfect but I just trying to show the designs of something different. Side exhaust looks cool

    I just know alot of people don't care for the foglights.. so i just tried to move them or get it to look different then others are photoshoping.

    What way do you like it more -Foglight postion/? #1 or # 2 ?? -
  5. good idea but id say put a little more time into it
  6. People who don't understand Photoshop!!!

  7. Falchulk, the whole idea of photoshop is to change a photo and make it still look like a photo and not like a drawing. No disrespect to sweet low 93 because I do like the idea, but i think he should put some more time into it to make the picture look better.
  8. Thats not the whole idea of photoshop. Thats why there are effects and plugins within to make it look like that! Photoshop allows an artist to make a picture look how THEY want it to. Just becasue you see a lot of Ford promotional stuff altered and still look like reality, that does not mean thats all photoshop does and can do. I have been using it for years. I am know very well what it can do (granted never on car pictures). You are confusing its purpose with what you are familiar with.
  9. if the altered photos arent supposed to look like photos then why is it called photoshop? granted, its purpose is to give the artist the ability to change a picture to suit his tastes, but ideally it is supposed to still look like a photo.
  10. ElCid2006, I use it to create textures for 3d models, modify original hand drawn scanned in art, and 10 other tasks. Photoshop has evolved from a app that reduced redeye into one that can do pretty much anything. Do a search on plugins to see whats available . I think you will be very suprised.
  11. not bad, not my style, but i think it looks awsome, and its a good chop, looks like it came out of a magazine scan :nice:
  12. :stupid:
  13. Awesome. I like it!!
  14. Nice work. I've been using Photoshop since Version 2!!!! It was created for PHOTO EDITING, before Photoshop designers used an airbrush and photographers used their skills for tricked out photos playing with exposer and stuff. You can EDIT a photo to make it look like an illustration so I don't see what all the fuss was about?
  15. Nice, but to get it more like a 65, you're gonna have to make the butt a LOT slimmer, and those grille lights are still way too big. It also needs to be sectioned about 2 inches.
  16. Not quite. photoshop nowadays is really made for retouching, graphic design, whatyever you want. I'm sure though it started as a "edit a photo and it'll still look like a photo." Of course I use photoshop all day long to edit photos and keep them looking real (cause they're pictures of real things...the ground :) )

    anyway, I like the ideas of the first one the most. foglights could still be a little smaller as has been said. oh yeah and you can move t6hem to the blank spot in the middle...

    sorta like this...I also moved the side exhaust up, which looks nice but probably wouldn't be possible unless the rocker panel is just a ground effects piece, which it doesn't look like... the passenger side of the bumper is what needs work; I just can't decide what exactly to do with it (obviously I don't manipulate pictures like this for a living).
  17. I think the exhaust wouldn't look to bad if it was like the 2000 Cobra R

    Photoshopped or not i think i did a good job with what i had to use..
    Photo Express 3.0
    Can't do to much with that.. I just used the clone option to do the whole thing.. :banana:

    What do you think about the different running lights up front.// ?
    ? Like them smaller and round..? not like the rap-around on production 05'
  18. ouch, clone stamp only, that blows. dude you need to get your hands on a "borrowed" copy of photoshop7 (or buy it). its sweeeeeeeet.