Dodged a bullet with my car

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  1. I was driving my car last weekend and took a wrong turn, so I did a 3-point turn. I did it pretty quickly because there were cars coming. Turns out I did it a little too quickly; as the car lurched to a stop then jumped into reverse, then back into drive, I felt something that made my stomach sink. It felt like there was a slipping, and the car would lose power. So I'm thinking Oh F***! :bang: I threw out my transmission! But it didn't do it all the time. It was strange. So I babied it along, it would 'slip' once in a while, but when I let off the gas and then gave it gas again, it worked. But it kept slipping and it sounded like it was sucking air?? :scratch:
    So I stopped in a parking lot and popped the hood. Turns out the BBK cold air intake was lying there in two pieces. The blue rubber part where the metal meets had flexed enough with the movement of the engine to allow the metal tube to pop out. So I worked it back in and everything was fine. --WHEEW--:rock: I think that was my car's way of saying HEY IDIOT I have 203,000 miles, TAKE IT EASY!
    Anyway that's my point, I thought I was going to have to buy a new tranny, and all I had to do was pop the BBK cold air back into place and tighten it up. Talk about dodging a bullet.
  2. Yeah...almost made you sh** bricks ehh? lol. Q tho...why would the intake tubing being off cause the trans to slip? It's not like its a TV cable operated like the Fox stangs are. Did you lose any fluid?

    Good to see you are still around Red..