Does anyone have experience with the LoJack system?

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  1. My white 2001 Mustang GT convertible is soon to be getting 18X9 white Saleen wheels with a Saleen body kit, so the car is practically going to be all show.

    Does anyone have experience with LoJack? Since my car will be all show, it seems to me that it could be more likely to be stolen.

    My question is: How much does LoJack cost for any of you who have it equipped?

    Do you recommend LoJack (for people with experience with it)?
  2. the LoJack chip was installed on my 03 cobra from ford it was like a $800.00 one time fee. Police could trace the signal if stolen.
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  4. My dealer convinced me NOT to get LoJack and get a ForceTracker system. LoJack is radio signal based or something and it STOPS working in some states. That means, if they steal your car and drive it to say, NH, your car is gone. Forever.

    ForceTracker has no limitations to where it can track unless it the signal is blocked.

    Either way, a garage is the best theft deterant.

    Here is LoJack's list of covered areas:

    If they drive anywhere outside those areas, your car is gone. :notnice:

    I got ForceTracker in 1999, $800 installed at a Ford dealer. Insurance breaks (same with LoJack) and there is NO monthly fee. I think LoJack might have one? ForceTracker doesn't do some of the stuff LoJack does (pager system and junk like that) but I would never get a LoJack if all a thief has to do is drive it a few miles to the border and he's got a free car.
  5. thanks for your help :nice: I'll do more research on both security systems
  6. I had a LoJack system back in 1999 when they first began to gain prominence on the market. I figured I would never need it, but loved the insurance discount it gave me. One morning, I woke up to a missing Jeep. It was taken approximately 2 hours before I made the phone call, and they activate LoJack right away. They located it 15 minutes later, and caught them in the process of trying to get everything out of my vehicle.
    I now believe in pairing LoJack with an alarm system. Since you have a convertible, make sure to purchase one with a proximity sensor. Look into Viper/Clifford (Same system) or Crimestopper (Less well known but very full featured and excellent service). Both have GPS based systems available as well, but I haven't had that much experience with them, so I can't recommend them right away. I hope I helped a bit.
  7. Does LoJack have a monthly fee? I've heard yes and no from different places...
  8. i heard they have fees in the metro areas
  9. What is a proximity sensor? :p
  10. I agree . I have Lojack..but it's not good everywhere. No monthly fee. Lojack has a website...answers most questions. If you go with Lojack,consider the system with the pager.You get 5 phone calls if the car is moved,started, by another person.
  11. How much is the pager? and how much did it cost u to get it installed? Where did u get it installed?
  12. LoJack does a mobile install at your house(or work). The system doesn't include a pager.Sorry,I meant to say that they page you. They will call 5 phone#'s or e'mail to contact you that your car has been moved or tampered with without your knowledge.If you determine that it was stolen,call the police..they will track it..Call LoJack and ask what areas near you are not covered.The original tracking system was $600 installed..the early warning upgrade is $400(added on to the original system at a different time). I don't know how much if installed at the same time.
  13. Do you know how long it took when they did a mobile installation?
  14. Less than an hour
  15. i was gonna get LoJack installed, but its not supported in my area. also when i asked my insurance comapny (AAA) about it they laughed and said that they dont give you a discount for that.
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    I definately got a break for my ForceTracker.
  17. How does forcetracker get installed? Do they do a mobile install as well?
  18. State Farm is the same way. My Agent actually cut me the break on insurance, but they consider LoJack, ForceTracker, and others to be Vehicle Recovery Systems and NOT alarms. My agent decided that since I had LoJack and the Factory "Alarm" then he would give me the discount. :D
  19. 5 years ago I got it installed at Ford dealer, I'm not sure if they do mobile installs. They install it in some hidden location (per their words) and I never really asked where it was.
    My insurance was lowered, I'm not sure what they considered it as I'm on my mom's insurance policy and she called it in.
  20. Geo Tracer is awesome! you can track your car from the internet or call an 800 number. The install is a breeze and it tells you where your car is, how fast it is going, the direction and everything. Plus it acts as a normal alarm too. So if you set your alarm when you park your car in the garage and it moves before you turn it off the call center will call you and let you know your vehicle moved.