!! Does Anyone Have old VIDEO OF MY CAR??

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  1. Itmight get sold in a week:jaw:

    If you haev any old pictures or videos of it I would love to get them from you. For the new owner and for myself. I have lost pretty much all of my old stuff.

    Thanks guys, I'll always be answering emmails and PMs here and on www.lonestarstangs.com about combos i have run and suggestions.

    Its been real.:nice:
  2. i guess i will only have my memories:(

    she will be gon on saturday if everything goes as planned.
  3. Whats replacing it? Or are you banking the money?
  4. brand new wolfsburg jetta. I love'm

    I will be banking 3k of it. I will of course put other money away and enjoy not having random expenses come up or the need for modifications. I will be able to max out my ROTH and other investments as well this year.

    I see myself retiring with 1.5 million in tax free vehicles alone.
  5. selling a stang for a jetta :nonono:
  6. To each his own, but I think you might miss the stang when youre rollin front wheel drive.
  7. do not miss it at all. I still wouldnt mind a video of my stang for nostalgia purposes.

    After 3 years with the jetta and no stang, I did find myself in need of something special or a project

    New project:

    77 FJ40 landcruiser restoration
    I am about to do a Frame off rebuild, this is the 5 dollar cover-up paint job before the major body work starts.

  8. Long time no talk man!

    -Chris Eades
  9. hey, Buddy. I hope all is well. Did you wind up with a sub 10 Turbo car when the dust settled?
  10. Yup in the 9's and widdle'in the ET down still!