"Does this dress make me look fat?"

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  1. A common question any man has heard if he is married. :)

    No particular relation to a "tech forum"... but nonetheless it served as a title to this particular thread I started. And the reason for this is because I just found out how much my car REALLY weighs. I work across the street from a company that does alot of truck shipping... and well... they weigh things. So at lunch time me and a bud rolled by to see if the coast was clear... and it was. So I rolled it on and we got out.... to our surprise the car clock in at 3010 pounds!! Half tank of gas... and a baby seat to boot.

    Maybe this isn't a big revelation to some... but I was surprised. I'd have guessed closer to 3300/3400 lbs.

    My car is a 67 Fastback for the record... 289, 8", T5. All steel.

    Just thought I'd share.... :)
  2. The still makes istwice as heavy as my second car ('87 Honda Civic CRX Si) Which had a wet weight of around 1500lbs.
  3. The Department of Motor Vehicle put my car at about 3500 lbs with a jack, toolbox, and full tank of gas.

    FMX Transmission, 351 Cleveland motor. I was hoping for more like 3300 lbs with my tools and jack, but oh well.

  4. 1950ibs fully interiored. No driver
  5. Are you referring to the CRX? If so then you are thinking of the '88 to '91 CRX which was heavier. I owned an '87 and my brother currently owns an '88.
  6. Yup 87 CRX SI, 87 I too owned one, The DX came in around 1850 ibs.
  7. odd that we are 400lbs apart then! :)