Does your throw out bearing seem kind of noisy?

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  1. I had it on my 02 GT with about 20k miles, but I thought it was considered a wear and tear item so no warranty coverage, oh well I just traded my car in to get rid of the noise. From what I understand, it's the hard launching and WOT that causes to grease to fly off the bearing and make the squealing noise.
  2. I have a hard time believing that. If it were true then I would consider it a design flaw as it should be able to spin at WOT and not expel all of its grease. And while I occasionally enjoy a full-throttle romp in my GT I don't think I abuse it, at least not enough to damage anything. I don't take it to the track and I don't do clutch dumps at every stop light. Every other manual transmission car I've ever owned has been driven in same manner but my GT is the only one with TOB issues.

    Plus, in my case the noise goes away when pressure is put on the TOB. It's obviously lubricated enough to keep it quiet when it spins. I suspect that when tension is off of it that there is enough play between it and the input shaft or pressure plate fingers to cause it to make the ringing, chirping noise. That's my theory anyways but I'm no expert. :shrug:
  3. Neither do I but that's what I was told in the past. I think it's just a design flaw.
  4. Mine started squealing after 22k miles. Had Ford replace it under warranty and 24k miles later still no noise :)
  5. The dealer supposedly "replaced" mine, but two weeks later it ws squealing again. I called and made another appointment..but then it just stopped squealing so i didn't take it in. Now, driving last night, i noticed it was doing it again. I think i will try the grease thing and see how that works. (i bet that's all the dealership did anyway) Next time it does it, i'll try the adjustment that AJAX ws talking about.
  6. In my case the adjustment proved to be easier and more effective than spraying the TOB with white lithium grease. Since adjusting it I have had no more noise whatsoever.
  7. AJAX, I looked for the article on you sure that is where you read it? Do you have a link?

  8. good catch, any other aftermarket t/o bearings to suggest?
  9. Had mine in to Ford yesterday at 8am to have it replaced under warranty. I picked up the car at 4pm, and no squeal...for now. :D
  10. Maybe they took the link to the article down or something as it used to be easy to find. Anyways, I had posted it here previously so here it is again (still seems to work):

    Cliff's notes version: Adjusting the clutch how the owner's manual says to by lifting up on the pedal basically puts more slack in the cable. To put more tension on the clutch cable kneel down next to your car and reach under the dash. Push in the clutch pedal with your left hand and while slowly releasing it push up on the quadrant with your right hand (I use my thumb since you really can't use your whole hand) until you hear it click. Place your thumb next to the "J" shaped hook. You will have to push pretty hard since you are pushing against the force of the clutch pressure plate but it will click if you push hard enough. I adjusted mine until I heard 3 clicks to totally get rid of the noise. It will also move your pedal higher up (closer to the driver's seat) and it will put the clutch release feel higher up as well. Personally, I like it better that way anyways. You can just lift up on the pedal to reset it back to "normal".

    Like I said before, eventually I'll get around to installing my Steeda quadrant and firewall adjuster which will allow me to do the same thing but for now this method is easy enough.
  11. thanks AJAX!
  12. more TOB stuff

    i just installed a mid performance Zoom brand clutch... pilot and throwout... within a week or so it started the 'pig squeal'... but along with that it is shifting very hard especially in reverse and first from a stop... ive had to turn the car off shift to first then fire it back up... ive adjusted till i can do it blindfolded, greased, squirted...etc... the greasing helps the noise and shifting for a short while... can i assume both of these problems are all TOB related... i can live with the noise... but the hard , sometimes raking shifts i dont like... help me fellers... !!! :shrug:
  13. Wow, way to bring this thread back from the dead...

    Do you have a firewall adjustment mechanism? If so, have you tried adjusting the clutch cable tension?

    The TOB giving you issue is probably not going to go away until you replace it. I've heard bad things about aftermarket TOB's and most recommend replacing with an OEM TOB.

    Try adjusting the clutch cable, if you don't have a firewall adjuster get under the car and see if you can adjust it where it attaches to the clutch fork. Additional slack in the cable may allow the clutch to fully disengage when shifting making it easier to shift.
  14. I give him full credit with bonus points for searching. :nice:

    I agree. It really sounds like his problems won't go away until the trans is dropped and the TB replaced.