Drag Radial's.

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  1. I'm looking to buy some drag radials, but don't know what size to get?
    I'm kind of on a budget, so I'm wondering If anyone could help me and give me some advise! I'd appreciate it.
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  3. As far as price is concerned Nittos or BF Goodrich seem to be priced best. I have used both,and the car ran best on the BFs It seems as though most recomend 15s. But that will depend on the power your making. I have 255-50-16 on my car .because I got a good deal on them. I hope this will give you a starting point,I'm sure others will contribute also.
  4. I like M/T e.t. streets. You can run them in any size that fits your car. Factory size or wider, taller, or shorter depending on what you want to do or gain. You may want an extra set of wheels to use them only at the track because they wear out fast on a daily driver.
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  5. Thank you guys for the advise that really narrowed it down for me now! :)
  6. Im currently running 17" Nittos, but plan on picking up a set of 15" Welds and ET Streets for track use
  7. Op do you have an extra set of wheels? What size wheels are you going to use? M&H make a very good DR, the Nitto 555R is a great tire for DD but not very good for the track. The new Nitto 05R's are a much better track tire.

  8. Yeah, I'm wondering if you're planning to daily drive on the DRs. If so, that's not a good idea for a budget setup. (you'll be in the market for tires again in a few months)

    My car is currently sitting on M/T ET Street Radials. As soon as I wear those out, I'll switch to M/T ET Street Radial Pros. The pros are only available in 275/60-15 though currently. Maybe they'll expand the product line...