Drip-rail molding?

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  1. How hard is it to remove the drip rail molding and sand it down. My molding seems to be like glued on there pretty hard. looks like the PO bondo's it on there or sumthing. Thanks fror the help

  2. Please expalin: are you planning on sanding down the molding or the drip rail? You aren't clear on that point.

    The molding is easy to remove with a bottle openner but it is easy to damage so be careful or be ready to buy new moldings.
  3. well I just want to get rid of them becuase I want that to be smoothed off. Do you get what im saying. I just want the roof to go inro the door frame and not have those ugly drip rails there.
  4. They don't call it a "drip rail" for nothing, it helps prevent door leaks, plus theres a seam underneath it if I recall that will have to be fully welded and then smoothed out.

    Its really a waste of time.
  5. Yeah try to be different hear and people say your dumb for doing......................

    Run, I tell you, Run it will totally trash the value of your car. :rolleyes:

    Anyways your want to remove it cut it off weld smooth out and fill. There might be a small seem and instead of using a lot of body filler I would weld it and then use flap disc to smooth it out concluding with minimal body filler.
  6. FYI: The drip rail molding covers the drip rail. It is made of stainless steel and is shinny to enhance the appearance of the car. The drip rail is part of the top and has several functional purposes.

    You asked how to remove the MOLDING and I explained. If there is confusion,it starts with the original question and the way it was asked. :shrug: :shrug:
  7. OK thanks for the help SD. I will probly leave it ehree just cuase it seems way too hard to remove it. So yea. haha thanks again.

  8. Yeah, it did kinda get confusing after a he first mentioned to remove the molding that just pry's off and the actual metal part involves cutting and such.

    BTW. SD- I apoligize for my reaction on the other thread, it should have never happened but it's just that I'm a little fed up that restomoders get put down for doing what they like by a lot of the purist. It gets to the point of where it feels like it's us v. them.
  9. HEY- i have pics if you want to see... i go take some- i didn't to mine b/c i like the new car look and wanted to be different
  10. here they are
  11. post them man i would love to see it.

    *EDIT* sweet look man. I was thinkin bout doin that but odnt know how hard the work would be. I have never done body work so who knows. I will have to make a decision before I decide to paint it in the future.
  12. i have a few more - gimmie a min.
  13. :bang: this might work....
  14. this thing is kickin my a$$ - here's one - one left if i can get it to go through :bang:
  15. i never posting another pic again- i don't know why that was so hard :shrug:
  16. i cut them off with air cutting tool. than had them welded then bondo-
    it was a lot cheaper that having them replaced
  17. that looks pretty good IMO. That is what I would do if I do it, but who knows if I will or not.
  18. why cant they just be cut off and ground down? What needs to be welded? ?
  19. The roof panel and the inner door frame are two pieces. I knew of a Camaro that had the rails removed (drag car). The guy zipped one side of with a zipper wheel and the thing sprung open when he cleanned the edge up with a grinder to weld it smooth. The best process is to remove an inch or two at a time, then weld it up (what he did on the other side) or at least tack it. He had hell getting the first side back together and looking right.