"Drop" in fuel Cell...need help with this one...

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  1. I am thinking about ordering my fuel cell soon and would like to know what others have used. It is my understanding that the fuel safe fuel cell company makes a "drop in" fuel cell that doesn't require any modifying of the original tank position. Is this accurate and what did you have to do to make it work. Thanks.

  2. they sell two types. one uses the stock filling position and is a bolt in operation. no issues whatsoever that i can remember. the other one has the fuel pickup come out of the top of the tank, and does not hook up to the filler neck.
  3. Fuel Cell

    Does anyone know if the fuel cells in the link below will be simply drop in? I am doing an Eleanor, so having the stock fill position is not an issue. I was told that what I do want though is to make sure that the tank has balls in it so that if it were to go upside down, the ball drops in the opening and no gas comes back up or out. If anyone has any info on this that would be great.


  4. The early Mustang cells really are a "drop in". I have the 16 gal Pro cell in mine and it was one of the easiest things I did during the resto!

    You can also get them through Racer Parts Wholesale

    There's a pic on my website. Page 3
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    Thanks for the info. Which cell did you purchase? Where did you purchase it from? And when you ordered it, did you need to order additional parts or when you buy the cell is it all inclusive?

  6. I bought the Fuel Safe 16 gal Pro cell that is for the early Mustangs. Got it from Racer Parts Wholesale. I think I had to add the sending unit.
    The guy at RPW was very helpful and I had it in 2 weeks.

    Since then, I moved to just 20 min. south of the Fuel Safe plant......go figure ;-)
  7. is the part of the tank that hangs down the same width as the original? I have a 68 gt, and I like the exhaust tips. When I put on the new 2.5" exhaust I couldn't put on new twin tips because the exhaust goes between the framerail and the gas tank. If the tank was half an inch narrower I could put those tips on.
  8. hoyl sh1t, that fuel safe 'drop in' is overpriced.
  9. I'm using the Fuel Safe drop in in my 68. If you want the pickup that's close to the stock location then ask for the "remote fill option."

    On my 68 it pretty much dropped right in, the only issue is with the fuel sender. You have to add a voltage regulator for the gauge to work properly but they can provide you with an instruction sheet if you ask...


  10. I have a drop in as well but not with the remote fill. Now that I have it, I would have preferred the remote fill option.
  11. Fuel Cell

    What should I get if I am going to be running a fill tube to the C pillar of the car. I am going with the Gas cap on the pillar behind the upper scoop since I am doing an Eleanor. I am going to have to run a pipe up to there, but what do I need fuel cell and parts wise to make it happen? Also, I am using origincal gauges, so how do I determine what ohm sending unit I need? I was told by a couple different people that if you use the wrong ohm sending unit it will cause all kinds of issues with the gauges. Thanks.

  12. Give the tech guys at Fuel Safe a call. They've been very helpful to me in the past!
  13. stupid net connection
  14. do you have any pics from below? especially between the frame and the tank? I would like to get one of these drop in fuel cells anyway, but I would be even happier if there was more room.