Droppen a V-8

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  1. I am getting ready to drop the V-8 in the stang. I was wondering if there are any things that I can do that would make my job a little easier. The motor has 16,000 miles on it. I would like some imput for creating a better motor with the least amount of money. I was thinking about putting a supercharger on it, but I have never done that before. Need some help. Thanks.
  2. The application of a supercharger should be the LAST of your worries. Once you get the engine in, then worry about it.
  3. u got the tranny, rear-end, wiring, computer, new shocks spring struts?
  4. What year is the V8 that's going in? What kind of money are you looking at throwing into it? If you planned on doing a h/c/i package on it eventually, I'd go ahead and do it now while its out of the car. Mich easier to work with that way.
  5. Under Consruction

    Its going in a 98 V-6. I am I am already looking at suspension stuff. It will all be done at once. I am actually having a couple of buddies helping me on this, I don't think it will be much of a problem. A 95yr. I was really only interested in 5.0s, but I just found another good offer for another 98, but V-8. Although a little slower, I think it will do. I am putting a couple grand in this project. The only real difficult part of this is to find a crapmobile for cheap, while the stang is under construction.
  6. I'm sorry...maybe its the meds making confused, but you were going to drop in a 5.0 but now you are putting in a 4.6L?? Is that right?? If so, then you may want to look into getting a new set of cams while its already out b/c it will be much easier to swap that way. Geez, if your willing to spend the money, I'd look into either a PI swap or some port work too. Just me, though...
  7. I'd wait until a 351 came along. You could have a Saleen engine since you want a supercharger ;)
  8. Just go buy a big crate motor if you go that kind of money. like a 720 or something
  9. you'd have to fabricate motor mounts to put a pushrod engine in a 96+ mustang. You can buy motor mounts for a 4.6 or 5.4 :) no problems, but a 5.0 would have to be made. Use your current motor mounts, cut them in two. Save the part the bolts to the chassis. Then get a 5.0 motor mount, cut that in two, and save the part that goes to the engine. Weld it together (if you want a solid motor mount) and mount in car.

    That's a real simple explanation. Motor swaps for different car generations are NOT easy by any means. Then you have to deal with wiring/electronics/etc.
  10. So you're planning on doing an engine swap and asking for help with a S/C??? I'm confused. Last time I checked, an engine swap was harder than an S/C install.
  11. :rlaugh: :lol: :owned:
  12. well, I was sitting on the big porcelain seat reading through the library, and found that if you put in a 94-95 K-member, the engine would swap in no problem. Aside from that, the wiring, fuel hook ups, computer, etc. would be a major pain.

    You can buy aftermarket tubular K-members from most performance stang places......but that's not an easy install either.

    You'd be better off with a 4.2 swap, IF you wanna keep a V6 (which it appears you don't)
  13. Since it will be a pain anyway. Just go buy a 502 crate motor. I'm just kidding, but that would kick ass if someone did. If I only had the money to buy one.
  14. isn't the 502 a chevy motor?
  15. Your correct. MY fault, Ford makes the 514.
  16. Wow, I really really really you have planned this out completely. Swapping a V8 into the V6 Mustang is pretty complicated and can be very expensive. A couple thousand is an understatement :eek: