Drove a 05 for 28 miles - and got paid for it!

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  1. Any lag from the drive by wire system....
  2. Lots of solid details

    Like I said before, this could be BS, but he does has a very believable story on the way these events are conducted. Thanks for someone else pointing out the camera thing. I meant to point that out too. THEY DO NOT LET YOU BRING CAMERA'S TO RESEARCH EVENTS. Sheeze.

    Anyway, with the level of detail, I would believe him. Of course, anyone who's been involved in market research could fake a report like this, (I could write one), but for someone outside, too many details about methodology are correct.

    And by the way ... these events are not meant to critique the car the way magazines would. There are performance engineers that do that for a living. These people are supposed to represent the REAL WORLD CAR BUYER. It doesnt matter if the rear end is kicking out or not, or how the brakes actually perform .... its what the driver FEELS the car is like. Cause 90+% of drivers are clueless .... but they are the ones who buy 90+% of the cars.
  3. Alright. Like I said, I'm not real technical when describing these things. But compared to the others, it felt like it was moving around in the rear hitting bumps in the corner. I used to word loose because it best described it to me. There's probably a more technical term for it.

    Yes, they never asked is there understeer or oversteer or anything technical at all. It was is it soft, tight, or just about right? Is the pedal too soft, hard, or right? When doing the performance based tests, they'd ask about the tranny shift, etc. Now how fast it felt.

    As for the RX8, the redline went to 9000 rpm. It was an auto with the manumatic(you could shift with the paddles, or by clicking up/down the shifter) We never lifted the hood or talked about the engines sizes during the test, so I don't know about that.
  4. And brother, you're not just whistling dixie!!!
  5. It sounds like hes on the level to me, a few years ago i did the same type of thing and they preety much did the same types of things, hes allowed to say what he feels so chill out everyone (ps- i did'nt get paid lucky guy!!) :rolleyes:
  6. RICKS, do you really think thats a great comment? Or is it your half-assed attempt at a final remark?

    If its so true, then 99% of television owners are clueless because they don't know that NTSC broadcasts at 30 frames a second, each frame has 525 interlaced diagnol scans, the 18th scan line carries SAP, what ghost referencing is, blah blah blah.

    And you must think 99% of AM/FM radios are clueless because they don't know how a sine wave works? Or why their FM goes out in tunnels, but AM doesn't? The difference of frequency modulation and amplitude modulation.

    People don't have to know the technical terminology of things to have an opinion on them. You can still go to Best Buy and look at the picture of different brands of TVs and decide which one you like. Or listen to a stereo and decide which sounds better.
  7. Sounds fairly legit to me. Nothing really surprising here, though. Why get angry because someone criticizes something you haven't even driven?

    To the people above who said you don't get paid for these kinds of things, I've participated in several market research studies and have always received envelopes with cash--for shorter studies with a lot less liability I received between $50 and $100 (and this was several years ago).
  8. Who cares

    Really who gives a sh";.t , I can't believe this thread is still running!!!
  9. Maybe because this is the first guy who has posted here who has actually driven the car? Seems more interesting than speculating about MSRP and possible exhaust modifications...
  10. :lol: True enough! :rlaugh:
  11. I'm surprised that no one noticed that in the intial message he made a negative comment about the Mustang's ride quality and in his message later he indicated that the rides of the 350Z, the GTO and the Stang were all about the same!
  12. Nevermind - I don't know where I got that. Damn these 12 hour work days - my brian's fried, I swore he said that and I went back and looked again and it wasn't there go figure.
  13. post the cleared check/receipt whatever for the $150. I still call BS, bur I'll gladly eat crow if you prove me wrong.
  14. Hey 02roush relax I don’t think that RICKS is attempting to take a cheap shot at you, in fact I believe his statement to be very valid. I'm an engineer and as an engineer we cant just say this computer is better than that one, or ford quality is bad compared to Toyota, or this is car handles better because etc. etc. We always have to answer why, and with facts about the characteristics of whatever it is we are evaluating. In my opinion many consumers make decisions solely on things like the color or what they heard from a friend, basically making decisions on factors that have no technical merit to the quality and performance of a product. From your response I will make the assumption that you have some what of a technical background and using your analogy about the television. If someone understands the technical aspects of its functionality and doesn't just look at it as a black box, I guarantee they will be able to make a much more informed purchase and get the best product for there money. Can you purchase a TV, car, whatever without knowing anything about it, absolutely, are the chances of you making an uninformed decision and getting ripped off greater, without a doubt. So your right "People don't have to know the technical terminology of things to have an opinion on them." but opinions arn't worth ****!
  15. I think it is all bs

    I have never been offered money to participate in a study so his story must be bs. Then again, I have never been asked to be in any kind of study but this is completely beside the point. And so on, and so on.
  16. Ok, 02roush, I was wondering if you could confine your comments to just the Mustang. I honestly couldn't care less about Japanese or Australian cars. I'm mostly interested in how you thought the new Mustang drove--we all know what it looks like, we all know that the climate controls look cheesy, etc. You seemed to like the steering and brakes and seemed to think it had plenty of power. So your main criticism seems to center on the rear end feeling "loose." Can you perhaps expand on this a bit more, and perhaps address RICKS' statement here:

    Any other comments? Did it feel tighter than your current car in terms of build quality, body structure, etc.? Do you think a few simple modifications would address most of your issues with the car? Aren't stock GTs somewhat softly sprung?
  17. Like I said, "loose" was the word I chose to describe it. It felt a lot like my 02 Stage 1(which is a GT suspension). I was never really powering out of corners, so I'm not really sure about what RICKS was saying of powering thru understeer/oversteer. I've also never had my Roush on a road course to compare it to. Unfortunately, all I had to compare it to was the other three cars. So thats why I mention them. The Mustang I drove last. So I had a hard time not comparing it to the three that I drove thru the exact same roads before it. It did seem to have softer springs thatn the others. It was the smoothest over the rough road. Also, at the end of the test, we pulled into the lot over a small lip, and it did a little side-to-side toss. The others hit the lip harder, but stayed still side-to-side.

    As for modifications, I think they did like the previous GTs. A nice enough car for the average consumer, but the hardcore guys will definetly want to upgrade.

    BTW, I was talking to one of our producers today, and he did the same survey on Tuesday. I asked him what he thought of the Stang(before giving him my opinion) and he said it was the worst handling of the four. But he loved everything else about it. He said he didn't know it was the new Mustang when he drove it.
  18. Well thanks for posting your comments. I guess given the circumstances it would be hard no to compare it to the other cars, but then you do own a Mustang, and I think it's more interesting/useful to compare it to the current Mustang than to Japanese sports cars or a mid-size muscle car. I don't know why everyone jumped on you so hard. They're probably just jealous. It's going to be amusing to see what the magazines say about this car once they get their hands on it. I can't wait to drive one. And the car I'll be wanting to compare it to is the Hemi Dodge Magnum (which is at least closer in the price than the GTO).
  19. Blah, blah, blah. numerous other sites have posted this supposed survey. not one pic or shred of evidence has been produced that supports it.

    Post the cleared $150 check/receipt/documentation you signed you participated in this "survey".

    jealous? ha ha. I just seek the truth.
  20. I don't mean to beat a dead horse but what exactly to you mean by "loose"?

    Loose usually means that the car has "over steer". That is when you turn into a corner the front end grips real well but the back end feels like is loosing traction so the rear end wants to slide out, making the car feel like it will spin around if you over do it.

    Is this what you mean? :shrug:

    Or by "loose" are you referring to the rear end getting unsettled over bumps in the road, so the rear end of the car feels like it wants to hop (or slide) around under cornering or acceleration. In other words, similar to the way a older generation Mustang does this because of its live axle?