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  1. are the 03 and 04 cobras 4 valve like the new 5.0s? found a nice 03 cobra, has 65,000 miles, lotts of mods, claims 479 hp, on dyno, wants 18 for it, its a convertible , really looking for the coupe, drove a few 03 cobras then test drove the new 5.0 , the 5.0 seemed to have more low end power, really thinking about buying the cobra, its already modded up far enough for me and ill save big bucks over the new 5.0.
  2. Not sure what you're asking exactly - engine specifics, perhaps ? :shrug:
  3. I think the 03-04 SVT Cobras were DOHC 4-valve per cylinder engines, if that's your question. They had 390hp (flywheel) stock.

    I personally wouldn't buy something that modded used. My gut feeling is that it could turn into a money pit. 65,000 miles on something heavily modded isn't the same as 65,000 miles on something stock. Besides, the new Mustangs handle so much better. Unless you only want it for drag racing, I think the 5.0 would be more fun to drive.
  4. might wait and get the new 5.0 then, found a 2004 cobra today no mods, only 23,000 miles wants 22 for it, still around 10 grand less then new 5.0. i notice they have the same quarter mile times all stock, 5.0 a tick faster to 60mph. but its a convertible. gonna think about it.
  5. If you get a terminator try to get a 10th or a mystichrome.
  6. Mystichrome ? :puke:

    A 10th termi would be really sweet, I think I've only ever seen one or two in person. But mystichrome is just gross IMO
  7. been a while but today a 2003 popped up on craigs, 16,000 miles, no mods, 2 owners, silver like my 86gt, i think i can get it for 20.000. 10 grand cheaper then the new 2011 5.0 i have been looking at, gonna go look tomm.
  8. 2003 cobra not a gt.
  9. i think 390 is underrated...my stock 03 at 170k dynoed 386 at the wheel with matched torque

    o and im at 283k now as a dd i like it but new is always better