1. This one is easy. I have a 88 saleen with hooker headers and my saleen book does not say there from saleen. So are hookers good?
  2. Hookers are AWESOME! you dont have to call them back, you dont have to meet thier parents, you dont have to...... wait... nevermind.. They are made by Holley which is a reputable company. there should be a little oval tag on them that has the series number on them. Are they long tubes, short tubes.... ?

    See: http://www.holley.com/index.asp?division=Hooker
  3. Short tubes
  4. Equal length? Im just trying to figure out if they are good quality ones.. hooker does sell some cheap stuff, but anyone with commen sense would put a decent set on a Saleen. Check that tag out and see if you can determine what series / part number they are
  5. P/N6129 but I cant find it on there web site
  6. go to www.summitracing.com.... at the top, type in 6129.... click on exhaust... this is what came up... they are long tubes i believe, but im not sure (what summit has them listed as anyways)


    HOK-6129-1HKR $479.95
    Estimated Ship Date: 4/25/06

    Brand: Hooker Headers
    Product Line: Hooker Super Competition Headers

    Headers, Ceramic Coated , 1 5/8" Primary, 3" Collector, Pair

    The world's best headers.
    With Hooker Super Competition headers, the objective has always been to make the maximum horsepower possible and put it at the optimum point in the power curve. These headers feature tuned primary tubes to create optimum pressure between the intake and exhaust systems. The headers, premium exhaust gaskets, and new mounting bolts are included.

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  7. Thank you very much I found them on the holley site and they look like they are good ones.

  8. Good deal, glad to help :nice: