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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by doublecobraII's, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. this guy or woman is cry baby and wants the world handed to them they DONT LIKE CAPS BUT HEY I WILL soften the words just for you i dont want to hurt your feelings but dang loosen up YOU CAN NOT TELL ME OR ANY ONE ELSE WHAT TO WRITE WHEN TO WRITE IT NOR HOW TO WRITE IT so grow up and deal with it, you are now and always will be blocked from my auctions have a gReAt DaY,:bang: :Zip2: :bs: :SNSign: love me this site rocks and always will
  2. Oh Little Anthony, (doublecobraII's) you shouldn't spam people you don't know who they are. If I'm blocked from your auctions then all I can say is THANK YOU. At least if I give people shipping quotes I don't ass-ume I can just ship a bumper outright without boxing it up. I'm not kidding people BEWARE of this kid, he's uptight and definetly not right. If he doesn't like what hears, which is common sense, he throws a baby temper tantrum. Just wait for more of the posts I'm sure. Sorry the Stangnet Community has to hear his ramblings but I had to at least rebut his crybaby tactics.
  3. NEWBIE FIGHT!! :cool:
  4. .......

    wow....both of your first posts are to talk s*** ....not a good way to make friends on here....
  5. Wait a minute, wait a minute, I don't want to get off on the wrong pedal here. Some yocal on an eBay Auction threw a hissy fit and brought it here to the group. I just replied to let him/her know I new what they did. It was totally wrong for what they did and I just wanted them to know I know exactly who they are.
    OK, enough of all the BS. Great list and I own two II's. One a 1978 King Cobra and the other is a 1978 Coupe. Of course both are always being worked on, the way of the II. ALL talk about II's and no BS. Later
  6. yea me either

    i said i was sorry in a email to you i also said i answer most if not all my questions in caps on the ebay now we know who each other is thats good i say bury the hatchet (and umm not in my skull) LOL but its not little anthony he is the worst pizza maker in my town yuuuukkkkk Just Anthony and no you will be able to bid on other stuff if i list please accept my apology for i also thought you were someone else who was telling my ebay buyers not to buy from me alot that going on there i guess anywho ebay informed me who it was and they have been blocked from any and all ebay transactions from there isp address they have on record sorry if i came out like an azz and to all the members i am sorry also for bringing that crap here never again ........now shut up and drink the six i just sent you .....LOL:shrug:
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