edelbrock rpm2, many questions..

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  1. I'm actually very curious about this intake, and so are some of my friends, so I figured I'll post.. what's the flow, rpm range, anyone using it? what heads would it mount best to, rpm's ?? etc, etc.. dyno graphs would be cool too !

  2. Is this one not in the fact sheet up top?

  3. Thats a no. I have heard that is is very close to the RPM 1st version.
  4. from what I've read, its sick compared to the rpm1 north of 5000rpm, but I'd like to see a dyno chart, and, find out where to buy it from (not on summit, etc) and how much it cost that person to buy it, how the low rpm's are, etc..

  5. supposedly it pulls even better up top...and pulls even further

  6. someone has it here, if only I could remember his USERID !!! its the guy with the 310 rear-wheel w/ stock t-body, or 65mm one? there was a huge argument lately where some guy was saying all 5.0's can make over 310 rear-wheel or something like that...... what's his name?? :bang:
  7. All 5.0s can make over 310rwhp with alot of $$$.
  8. Talking bout me now? =p
  9. yeah dude, i believe they are :D
  10. YES!! how could I be so retarded and forget your name !!
    anyways, talking with Ed Curtis, he saying go for the rpm2 intake, and I remembered you had one, can you repost that dyno graph again??

    and, the whole argument was, he's the cheapest to make 310 so far that we've seen in a while.. or something like that.. haha
  11. Here are both of my dyno sheets. SAE & STD(haha)...



    Yes, it pulls HARD way past 6k RPM now that it's got a bigger TB. Not much pull under 3.5k, but over 4k it hauls ass.
  12. Me too, I wanna know more first hand about it too. I need to switch to a performer rpm now! Im running a performer on my DSS 331 w/ AFr 185's. That thing is choking me like crazy. Considering switching to just an rpm upper (cheaper and easier) or spending the money on an RPM2. I just need to know if its worth the extra money.
  13. With your setup, I can't think of any reason not to go with an RPM2 or the nearly identical but lesser flowing Holley Systemax.

    A 331 should give you plenty of low end torque.
  14. Edelbrock designed it to be an option between the RPM and Victor intakes. In most cases its way more intake than a 302 needs.
  15. they did an article in the recent MM&FF mag. The cover has a canary yellow fox on it. Pick it up.
  16. cool, got the mag, I'll check it out !! I always wonder why mustang dyno's peak off after 4k.. my friends maxima, the torque curve is flat all the way to 6500 rpm's !!!??? why can't stangs be like that? STILL, nice dyno NIH !!

  17. Yea it goes

    The RPMII will make more power in the 5,000-6500 range over the regular RPM. Now it will depend on your set up whether you will need this much flow.
  18. Weren't there some issues with the intake though? Maybe it was just because Nilahtion got his when they first came out, I think he was missing some parts.

    And I don't remember, does the RPM2 fit under the stock hood?
  19. Pretty sure the rpm II does fit under stock. Also, it is emissions legal unlike the vic junior.