EFI Lift Plate

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  1. Anyone in the Phoenix,AZ area know where to get a lift plate for EFI 5.0? Im finally going to have time to pull my motor this weekend and I am in need of a lift plate ASAP. Ive tried every where I can think of with no luck. I would normally just order one from Summit however I dont have time to wait for it to get here. So if anyone in the Phx area knows where I might be able to get one please let me know Thx.
  2. Other than summit I have no idea where to get a lift plate.
    They can ship pretty quick, order tonight you should be able to get it by Sat morn.

    I have always used the stock lift brackets that were originally mounted on the headers.
    I picked up an extra pair from the junk yard, and use all 4 when I pull the motor.
    Just another option...

    Good Luck this weekend,
  3. I did mine just by threading 4 bolts through the chain I was lifting the engine with. I didn't use a plate at all, but had 4 lift points on the intake with the chain around the hook on the hoist.
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