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  1. I have an 84 El Camino with a 305 and a th350. The trans has some slip in it and kind of a ruff shift. I changed the fluid and screen but it did not help much. My dad told me it could be the modulator valve. Does ts sound like it could be it? I don't know a lot about these cars so any help would be great.
  2. Hey thanks Jenn. I get the car back from the paint shop next week. I'll see if this fixes the problem.
  3. I was just wondering if any one knows what the computer in this thing does? I am getting rid of the smog stuff and just wanted to know if it has any thing to do with it.
  4. The ECM in the older carb'ed GM cars didn't do a whole lot - in fact, it caused me more headaches than it probably helped prevent in the '87 Formula I had - but getting rid of it is more of a PITA than it's worth. It does take measurements from things such as the O2 sensor and engine coolant temp sensor, and thus it will tweak the fuel mixture when it senses it's in closed-loop mode and if it's running too rich or lean, so it will help things out as far as your fuel economy and your drivability is concerned. However, it's a terribly crude computer setup, really, and unless you've got smog inspections (I'm assuming not, if you're getting rid of the other smog bits), then you could probably just unhook the majority of its components, rig things up for manual control, and probably get by just fine.

    The thing is ... WHY? :shrug: No real gain to be had from doing so, in and of itself, unless you're just clearing things out (visually and physically), and simplifying it all to make room for a lot of mods like better heads/cam/intake/carb/exhaust/etc.

    Personally, unless you've got some hardcore building in mind, I'd just leave most of the smog stuff on there and work around it.
  5. Right now I will leave it alone. In the next year or so it will not be my DD so it will be a go fast toy.
    Yes it has that goofy air pump thing which is why I have not messed with it yet. I don't know much about how this crap works.
    Thanks for your help man.