Engine bay pics!

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  1. I installed my MSD wires and a set of BOSCH platinums(single electrode) Wednesday night. The temperature was unseasonably warm here yesterday, with rain expected today. So I had to get 'em done yesterday, and I was out well after dark. Thank God the temp did'nt begin to drop until I was just finishing.


    This is how its been on my last few mods/repairs since the fall. Got to drag out the really long exstension cord and clamp-lamp. At least now the mosquitoes aren't biting. :D


    Here are the wires(also you can see my satin-finish TC valve cover and Ford Motorsport screw-in breather), I've had them since early summer, but did'nt want to install them until I got the TC valve cover in, so things would be cleaner under the hood. I got the Made for You wire looms off eBay. They were a pain to put on. I had to hog out the 4-wire looms with my Dremel tool so the wires would fit in them, the others(3,2) fit just fine(?).


    Here is a good overview of my engine bay. You can see all the mods listed in my sig here. Next up I plan to install a brand new plenum(manifold upper, painted cast aluminum)and throttle body I got off eBay. That may not be 'til spring. Before that though I have to create a RAM-AIR setup(see my other thread).

    I'm trying to go for a hi-tec look, with satin and cast finishes, I'm aiming for classy, not ricey. I've got lots more work to do.
  2. You got any pics of the exterior and interior of your car?
  3. looking good!
  4. Nice and clean install...... Where do you find the clips that tidy up the wires. I only see them in blue and yellow around here. Never seen them in other colors.

  5. Thankyou for the compliment. I got the clips on eBay, you should also be able to get them from Summit Racing.

  6. I don't have any pics like those yet, maybe I can take some soon.
  7. Thanks woodster!
  8. Sweet for sure, mister!

    I'm likin those wires. Are the plug boots grey in color?

    Just wonderin.

  9. Thanks dude! The wires have the long straight grey boots with "MSD" molded on them.