Engine Engine Keeps Dying In Idle And Moving

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  1. I recently replaced the fuel pump and ccrm, I bought the car a few months ago it had been in an accident, hit from the rear, but I cleaned my IAC and MAF, I'm thinking maybe TPS needs to be replaced, oh and the CCRM wasn't grounded so when it died that was clicking, bought the new one and installed it today AND grounded it
  2. Manual or automatic?

    What is the condition of the battery, battery terminals, and grounds around the radiator core support? Are they CLEAN and tight? Does the battery hold a full charge?

    Why is this important? Because after a battery disconnect it's normal to have a poor idle while the PCM is re-learning new idle trim values.

    Here's some more information on how to trouble shoot IAC/idle issues.

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  3. It's manual, the alternator is new and battery was replaced at the same time, I'll do a thorough check following the link you gave me today and let you know, thank you very much for the link!
  4. I was having a similar problem with mine (i will also follow the link) the only difference is that the car has been sitting for about six months. This is common for the past eight years, but when i tried to start is last week...it took some time. finally got it started n let it idle for about half hour. soon as i gave it gas, it died on me. could not get it started again. Someone mentioned there was no fuel getting into the rails, someone else said no spark. Any ideas. i had a charge on the battery all winter but it still seems a little weak.
  5. Also I got it running for a decent amount of time now, still dies every once in a while, but after jacking it up it has a rattling noise I can't locate, changed the u joint on the front of the drive shaft and the right front ball joint, the seal was broken open on that but it's still making the clanking noise, there are a lot of loose wires that were never secured to anything I'm thinking it can be that, it only knocks when I get above 5 miles per hour and it comes from the front right of the vehicle, I say in the passenger and let a friend drive it around a parking lot while I stuck my head out of the window and I can feel something hitting the floor board of the passenger. Any ideas?