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  1. I have found a 65 mustang for 2500 complete minus engine and trans. What would be my best option for the engine and trans for under 5 or 6 grand? What else would I need to finish it and get it running?
  2. sounds like my car! Search craigslist im sure you can find a 302 w/ a c4 on it for a few hundred or a nicer one for more. You could look out for a fox body engine/trans and swap a carb onto it- if you can wrench yourself you could do this for a couple grand nicely.
  3. Go the 5.0 route or get a 5.8 with trans from a truck....
  4. okay sounds good if I would want to make this a street/strip car what would I want to do with 7500
  5. would it be possible to get a carb fox and swap the engine trans and the whole rear end into it?
  6. Was the car originally a v-8 car? If so that makes things somewhat better. You will have 5 lug hubs and heavier springs. If you are thinking of adding serious power to a '65 I would start by spending $800-$1000 dollars on a power disc brake conversion for the front or at least manual discs because the drums are a borderline safety hazard with vintage power, and downright deadly with modern higher horsepower engines. I'd also spend some bucks on upgrading the suspension and firming up the chassis. Then I'd probably look for a 5.0 HO from a late model Mustang or Lincoln Mark VII. Also if you can swing it Ford Racing sells a complete rebuilt 302 with aluminum heads that's advertised at 340 HP for under $4000 that a very solid option. All that said I'd definitely start with brakes and chassis. Also check very carefully for rust. These cars are never as rust free as you think they are which poses safety hazards all its own.