Exhaust cut outs


Jun 23, 2019
Clackamas or
Anyone done this mod? I’m thinking of having a pair installed on my 17 gt. How did you have the wiring for power? How much did you pay for installation? How far down did you have them installed?
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Apr 1, 2004
Dunedin, FL
Are you thinking of the Ford OEM setup, or an aftermarket kit? I honestly have no idea how the OEM setup is configured but I could imagine it would be difficult to install into a car that doesn’t have the provisions for it, although I could be completely wrong! Plus the OEM kit isn’t actually cut outs...they’re more like adjustable baffles. I thought about putting an aftermarket kit in my 2004 Mach, but I just got rid of it, replaced with a 17 GT Premium. For a stock setup it’s very nice but it’s definitely not the tone I had in the Mach 1 with a Magnaflow midpipe and catback system. It would be nice to go from to with the flip of a switch. Needless to say I’m following this thread...


Jun 23, 2019
Clackamas or
I’m talking about an aftermarket kit that completely bypasses the mufflers. When I bought the car it had both the resonator and mufflers removed. It sounded vicious even at idle but I wanted to be able to hear the stereo and not be a cop magnet. Now it has a pair of Magnaflow mufflers and sounds fine. But after driving for a week with the old setup everything short of a gt350 sounds tame. I’m going to talk to a shop soon. I’ll keep you posted.
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