Exhaust Upgrade for '05 V-6

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  1. Seeking recommendations for upgrading an '05's exhaust system.....x-pipe, h-pipe, systems, etc. Any advice greatly appreciated. Currently has single Magnaflow.:SNSign:
  2. An h-pipe will make your exhaust a little deeper sounding while an x-pipe will give it a higher-pitched sound.

    I had a local shop make a custom h-pipe along with true dual exhaust and Flowmaster 40s. Unfortunately there was a lot of interior resonance and drone from that setup. I bought the Magnaflow Cat Back Dual Exhaust and am very happy with the overall sound quality and lower level.

    You should also checkout a Mac dual exhaust.
  3. Stay with the single and get a Flow or Borla. Let everyone know your a V6!!
  4. My magnaflow sounds just fine! :D
  5. Pypes True Duals with "X" and Street Pros!

    When I had these installed I picked up my car 30 minutes after closing on a Thursday.

    I had 3 mechanics, the service guys, 3 sales guys and a bunch of customers all standing around checking them out.

    I've worked in the auto biz in the past. Closing time hits, the mechanics are GONE!

    These guys stayed late just to hear my Pypes!

    I cruised 450 miles in the last 4 days and got "thumbs-up" and nice comments everywhere we went.

    Best mod ever on my pony.

    Gonna be hard to top this one!!

    Links here to videos: http://www.putfile.com/sohcman

  6. i love my single MAC axel back. it was a little raspy when i first put it on but it has mellowed very nicely.
  7. I had a local shop do a custom x and install 2 GT takeoffs. It's not really loud but it sounds pretty good, especailly for the money.
    I had already installed the right side takeoff.
    Installed price...

    220 plus tax.
    gt takeoffs with shipping 89.

    Not too shabby.

  8. i have been reading and that 44 series flowmaster is supposed to be pretty good, i am actually considering getting it this week. but then again i have always been partial to flowmaster....
  9. If you are staying NA, there is no performance gain between single and dual. Many V6 owners run mid 14's with a CAI, tune and bolt on muffler.