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  1. It has come time to buy some new pipes for my stang. I just wantedt to see the aftermarket preference of everyone out there. Hopefully your input will lead me to the best decision.

  2. We went with the GT takeoffs and we're having the duals completed this Friday. It was less than $100 for the GT mufflers, $70 for the left side hangers and it'll be less than $100 for the pipe & labor to complete the job...

    Best of luck in your search for which exhaust system to go with. There are lots of posts on these boards giving the kind of info you're looking for...
  3. I currently have JBA headers and a single GT muffler... it's a nice setup. But, next week, I'm putting on a GT bumper and JBA duals... JBA is spendy, but their quality is excellent.