F cam

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  1. just got off the phone with summits tech line they said with my setup i can use either the E , F, or B cam i want a pretty rough idle but also want it to be emission legal......so my question is E or F cam?

    and the heads im putting on are eldebrock performer heads along with a eldebrock upper/lower intake manifold
  2. forget the emission legal ....Getting that Wicked B cam :banana:
  3. look around more first. letter cams are dated. there are better cams out there for about the same money. call up comp cams or another cam company and let them help you.
  4. You can run pretty good times with a B or E, as people have proved on this forum, but im sure there are some better cams out there.I would consider a custom cam..
  5. Make sure to get the 1.7 rockers and you will be good to go with the lift of the e and the bumbety bump of the b.

    I loved my f cam that sucka used to rock like my motor mounts were broken.
  6. im using 1.6 stud rockers with the B cam...the B cam will be a rougher idle and pull harder then the E or F
  7. My Eldebrock performer heads came tonight!! just gotta get a few more things i ordered from summit, should be here tomarrow and gotta run out and buy a nice oil pan and im set to start rebuilding! Damn Stainless steel bolts with a ford logo on the head of them cost 70 bucks lol :banana:
  8. b cam be more rougher. No way, b cam has 224 duration f has 226...
  9. Rough idle has more to do with overlap - determined by the lobe serperation. Closer lobe sep = rougher idle.
  10. i got a dyno sheet making 293 rwhp (don't remember torque) runing performer heads 2.02, performer RPM intake, F cam, 1.7 ford rockers. I love the setup. It really rumbles and you can really tell it has a cam. The idle is somewhat rough, the engine shakes like a red headed stepchild after a beating. gotta love it.