General Factory Numbered Mustangs?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by evilhomer, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. I would like to know if there were any factory Ford Mustangs that were numbered - like #5 of #300. Not shelbys, or aftermarket predators or saleens. The 50th anniversary limited edition Mustangs are numbered #xxx of #1964. Are there any others? Thanks for the forums help!
  2. All mustangs and other cars are numbered .the early year mustangs started at 100,000 so if you have 100,001 you would have the first mustang ...although other fords were made on the same assembly line at the very same time ,so number 1 could be a mustang and number 2 could have been say ,a cougar ,or fairlane .
    The very early 64 1/2 mustangs were built specially built up to i belive the first 100 . The first 100 dearborn are highly sought after .if i remember correctly the first couple of 65 shelbys were numbered out of sequence
  3. Cars are not produced in order of their assigned VIN. If you want to say they're "numbered" by the last six digits or their VIN, which is not what the evilhomer is asking, then all vehicles are. If you want to say they are "numbered" by the sequence in which they are actually built, which is what evilhomer is asking, then very few of them are.