Felt Good At The Gas Pump!

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  1. Well, the Hoopty (Escort) is 2 weeks old now. I got the car with a full tank of gas, and today is the FIRST day I put gas in it :banana: Never thought I would feel so proud :flag: to own an Escort.

    Took 10 gallons of gas, and I drove it about 245 miles in the past 2 weeks, mixed city/hwy.

  2. nice and gas is down to 2.01 here, was 2.23 at one point
  3. That's what I love about my Neon that I drive in the winter. 30+mpg.
  4. Sweet maybe itll start to come down over here.
  5. That's great Rob! I've been re-training myself on how I drive my focus and my MPG went from 26-27 to 30-31mpg, but I drive it like an elderly person out on a sunday cruise. I got 350miles on my last tank of fuel!
  6. I haven't paid for a tank of gas in 13 years. Company cars rule! I plan on getting a Dodge Magnum next. Been trying to swing it through the Company but my only choices are Chevy Impala and Chevy Uplander Mini Van. Got some serious pitching to do.

    Here is my Ford Toilet also known as Airborne.
  7. I paid 1.99 a gallon today I was happy lol. Great to hear your new car gets good mileage lol i got the stang and the dodge both gas guzzling freaks but i like um
  8. I just feel like I'm getting kicked in the balls at the pump, my mustang is my only car at the moment. The other day I felt bad I had to put 87 in it but the only good things is that after I put the crane ignition in it she doesnt ping when I hit the pedal with cheap gas anymore.

  9. Vib where do you work? my GF's dad works at an insurance company, and they have a taurus with free gas. And they're also about to get rid of it and get an Impala.
  10. The taurus is THE fleet vehicle of choice, followed closely by the dodge intrepid. Every pharmacutical rep I know of drives either a taurus or intrepid it seems. Unfortunately I work in sales for a company that doesn't supply us with company cars... THAT is why I drive a focus. :( (it is a fun car though)
  11. my dad just got a magnum RT for his company car actually that thing is fun let me tell you.
  12. My Acura get 26mpg with me driving it moderately hard, usually ~ 375 miles to a tank. It does take premium though. :(
  13. Hey, the Focus, for what it is, is not all that bad. I would rather have gotten the Focus over the Escort, but they are still too new to find one with a low resale value unless there are problems with it... The cheaper used ones are still over 4k.

  14. Rob, I paid ~$10K for mine in '03 (it is an '02 model) with ~22K miles. Its a ZX3 auto with a moon roof, air, PW, PL, 16" wheels, Zetec motor, fog lights, 6 disc in dash CD player, etc. Basically it is all optioned out, the only thing it doesn't have is ABS which I wish it did since I have to drive it year round which included the winter around here and I for one am a BIG fan of ABS for winter driving.
  15. I thought ABS was standard on ANYTHING made in the last 5-6 years :shrug:
  16. Yeah, me too. :rolleyes:
  17. Not on econo cars :nonono:
  18. Damn I need to find some kind of econo car to drive around. The mustang gets about 20mpg and the silverado gets about 18mpg with the 5.3L and with gas prices staying around 2.15gal around here that gets expensive. The only good side is a gas station in town has increased their octane ratings and the lowest is 89 then 91 and 93 for premium and they are also the cheapest in town.