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  1. Does anybody else have trouble filling up with gas? I have tried 2 different gas stations [ I've only needed to fill up 2 times just got my stang] so far and my stang just does'nt fill up easy . the pump keeps clicking off and I repostion the nozzle, different flow rates and by the time I get it full it will just over flow if I don't watch it carefully like it did the first fill up. [Luckyly I had wax on my car and I rewashed and rewaxed that quarter panel. ]. :bang:
  2. take it to the dealer, the early mustangs have a bad vapor valve in the tank that prevents it from filling up easy. ford issued a new tank for mustangs. many people here have had this TSB done. afixer posted many of the TSBs for everybody. the dealer will put in a new gas tank for you under warranty.
    here the link to my experience with the gas tank......
    and heres a link for the TSB:
  3. yea what he said. also make sure you have then order the tank protector some dealers have had problems removing the old one frome the old tank. also make sure you run the tank down as low as you can. and tell them that you have read all of the forum regarding this issue and if they want a good customer they better do their homework befor doing it. it is really a simple job i helped do mine. a couple of things make sure they are carfull when replacing the sending units and reconnecting the transfer line between the saddle tanks. good luck i have had no issues with my car since i have had it done.
  4. Thanks Guys,I owe you.