Find Ethanol Free Gas Stations - Enclosed link

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  1. Resources to locate ethanol-free (non-ethanol) gas station retailers and distributors.

    Howdy, didn't find this in searching the site so I'm posting here. If the Moderator wants to move this, then they will. This link has more info than just where to find Ethanol Free gas. There's some how too stuff regarding what to do with small engines etc.. I did a search in my area - way back in the woods small town in NW and only found two. The Premium, which I use due to what I drive, what they recommend and the tune I have requires it. Anyway...the gas was 30 cents more per gallon. I guess we all do the math and go from there. I'm going to buy this ethanol free gas for my Lawn mower and tiller. But since my car deals with the 10% ethanol, I'm not going to pay that much more for my Mustang Cobra, not for now anyway, if that price goes down, maybe I'll do that.
    Some say The ethanol increases octane but decreases MPG. Not sure about all that yet, but I'm sure I'll find out at some point. From what I've read so far, that's the way it is.
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    As long as the discussion sticks to "fuel" (ethanol Vs summer/winter blends, etc) and not about the particular product sold on that website link, it will be left open - otherwise it's looking like borderline "spam" from an external website for increased sales of a product...