flat black 66 mustang

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  1. Looks like a nice setup you got goin.

    Saw the welds on the disc brackets, somebody used to welding a lot of E6010
    with the "whips" in the bead?:) Nice job so far, lookin good:nice:
  2. Subscribing, looks like it's goind to be a mean machine.
    Keep the updates coming.
  3. this should be in tech.

    You guys are in Signal Hill right???e

    I like that cage
  4. I was reading through HOT ROD mag. today, and i saw a IRS (independent rear suspension) kit for mustangs and other classics, they were actually putting it in a 65 i think.

    ...just a thought...
  5. yes we are in Signal hill. We only do heavy metal work, cage work and suspension work. We do not compromise with our work.

    everything we are doing to this car is chromoly.

    threaded bungs

    everything chromoly!

  6. can one of the mods move this thread to the tech area. I should have put it there to begin with.

  7. What are/did you use to model the suspension and roll cage? I use Solidworks in my job and have started to get keen on building an open wheeler - like a formula 1000 - doing the same sort of thing.
  8. its not solidworks, Its CATIA V5. It is more advanced then solidworks. We are also working on a few tube chassis setups. One is currently on the chassis table right now.

  9. Yeh? What's it do that Solidworks doesn't? It can do FEA, I've seen tools for fluid dynamics and other nifty things. I'm just curious. :nice:
  10. Jason,

    Are you building these for customers?

    Also, what prompted you to build a fuel cell...cage? It seems like a lot of extra metal just to hold the fuel cell in there.
  11. yes this is for a customer.

    because of the cagework we had to mount the cell from underneath. Now the cell bolts in from below with welded nuts on top for ease of install. The structure is thin walled 4130 so there is not much added weight. In the event of a rear collision, there will be protection for the cell. On top of those reasons, it has a coolness factor of +8. :D

  12. Jason....

    what does a project like this cost? I mean...full, 100% front, rear, middle suspension as shown in these pictures? (You can PM ME)

    Now that my 66 is sold, I plan on doing something next year, but I cant decide if I want to dump money on a new saleen or give the same amount to a shop to build me a really nice EFI classic stang.
  13. What is the second set of brake calipers on the rear end for? They look smaller, emergency brake? I've seen dual rear brakes on Outlaw 10.5 cars before.


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  14. pm sent.

    but this might give you a estimate.


  15. parking brake caliper


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