Flexible exhaust tubing?

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  1. Hey, my current exhaust has holes in it, could I just remove the whole exhaust, and just hook up a piece of flexible exhaust tubing directly on the manifold, and mount it somewhere under the engine bay? Any ideas what that would sound like, how it would run? My exhaust now has lots of holes and rattles quite a bit. Hell maybe it'd be a good idea to just get rid of the exhaust all together and let the exhaust fly right out of the manifold. Anything would have to sound better than that rattling tinny sound.
  2. Flexible exhaust pipe is crap, and it's illegal in some states (you aren't allowed to use it here).

    Your car would have no power, sound like crap and be VERY loud if you had no exhaust behind the manifold, or just a short piece of pipe.

    Why don't you just get a new exhaust put on it?
  3. wasn't aware that it was that horrible, (though I did doubt it's value since it's so cheap) I just figured until I can get around to getting an exhaust perhaps it would be sort of a quick fix type thing. I know a shop that does good work for fairly cheap that put the exhaust on my truck, but I want to spend my cash on a good performance exhaust for the mustang ( I'm hoping on playing with the engine later, nothing really extreme, just my first hot rod project type deal ). While we're on the subject of exhausts though, and since mine is crap, I've been searching on the forums, about the ford ranger manifold swap. Given that there are no other mods right now besides a homemade cai, and a slightly advanced timing, would it be worth it to swap manifolds?
  4. Bolt ons are really not worth much on these cars...as far as performance exhaust goes, it's not worth much either. You can do exhaust for a better sound but other than that it's not gonna get you much. Might as well just do a stock replacement exhaust with a different muffler or something.
  5. The exhaust parts for these 2.3 cars are cheap at parts stores. I think the muffler and tailpipe for mine were $35 or so.

    Also check with someone or a shop that does 5.0 conversions, they should have 4 cyl exhaust stuff laying around cheap, or better.

    I would not use the flex, as it will flex back out of shape, and it hard to seal on the ends, and won't support anything else, like the muffler. It's usually considered major ghetto.
  6. Ditto that. When I had my '65 notchback, the POs put some ghetto turbomuffler dumps under it......by attaching the stock downtubes to about 12" of flex pipe and then onto the rest of the hard tube. It broke quite a few times and eventually rotted. The fact that it rotted in this part of CA says a lot. The car didn't have a single speck of rust anyywhere.
  7. Thanks for all the answers, I'm probably just going to have everything from the headers back replaced with straight pipe, no cats or mufflers. No problems with emissions down here. Only question now is style. Traditional, side exhaust, ... or....stacks like on a big rig !!! :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw:
  8. 2.3s sound like tractors, why would you want an open exhaust? It would sound a lot better with a muffler under there.
  9. To unleash the full potential of four yep, count'em FOUR 22hp apiece cylinders of blazing mechanical fury, with which to peel asphalt from the road.
    Actually it's just because I'm cheap, short on funds, and the shop where I get my exhaust work done will charge me less for open exhaust, because they don't have to sell me a muffler if there's no muffler being installed.
  10. Well it'll sound like crap but, enjoy. I'd at least throw on a cheap turbo muffler if I was going to the trouble of installing a new exhaust.
  11. save up and geta nice system from Stinger:flag:
  12. If I'm going to do it, I guess I may as well do it right. And since I might end up doing the turbo conversion later, I think I might go with a larger pipe as well. What diameter is the stock exhaust anyways? And how much larger could I safely go right now with n/a, assuming I MAY do a turbo swap within say 9 or 10 months?
  13. 2 1/2" is about as big as you would want for a non-turbo engine and is slightly larger than the stock turbo exhaust(which was ~2 1/4").
  14. I'm running a 2.5" system ... some say 2.25" is better but since my header collector is 2.5" I figured I may as well have the rest the same. However, most recommend a 3" when it comes turbo time.
  15. If you are converting to turbo soon, I wouldn't put any significant time/money into the n/a system as it won't work with the turbo setup anyway...