Flowmaster american thunder vs borla stinger

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by cali newbie, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. i would like to know what the difference in power gains are and in sound, which one has a drone or which one has a louder drone and any other complaints or positive comments u have.
  2. To mix and match the sounds, flowmasters goes with the h-pipes and the borla goes with x-pipes, but for better performance, I'd go with borla, it's a strait-thru design exhaust, sounds best with x-pipes. If you're looking for a classic saleen sound, that's it. For muscle car like sound, flowmaster has chambered mufflers, so that would sound best with h-pipes, but it wouldn't give you as much horsepower as the flow-thru designed exhaust systems.
  3. thanks

    that helped quite a bit but i still havent found any actualy hp numbers, does anyone know what gains ill get.
  4. Borla advertises like 14.7 rwhp for the Stinger, but expect around 5 or 6, I'd say. (I still don't have mine on yet.) Gains might vary with different midpipes and headers.
  5. Don't do Flows, my buddy put them on an 03 Snake and kicks himself daily. I, on the other hand went with a BBK LT, BBK O/R X, and Stinger combo, its just plain obnoxious! Flowmasters are to raspy in my opinion, don't do it man. This should be a no brainer.

  6. Flow's hands down for sound!
  7. I prefer flows because it is the classic sound of a true muscle car
  8. There is a stinger soundclip on my website in my signature. Check it out. I'll be adding another one soon.. I just added a Mac Catted Prochamber:) I Love it.
  9. I have borla catback/high flow H-pipe and the sound is great. Light drone at 2000rpm and awesome at WOT!
  10. I almost wish I would change my flowmaster American thunders out with Borla Stings or better yet side pipes, but I already had the Flowmaster on my car when I bought it. I also have added BBK Full length Headers and a BBK shorty off road X-pipe. Athought it may be too loud for some I have not talked to a person in my town that doesn't like the sound. I think i'm also the only 4.6 with more than an intake in my town..... I'd say try to find some one with the exhaust setup your thinkin about and have a listen too it before you spend your money. Personaly I love my setup now just courious on what other brands sound like.
  11. Sorry to hijack, but what xpipe do you recommend with the Stingers? I'm going to go catless, no emissions in Hawaii :)
  12. I think the H pipe compliments the borla's better imo.
  13. I listened to almost every 4.6L exhaust out there before picking on. I really wanted to get it right on the first try. I was looking for a sound that i would be happy with for the rest of the time i had the car.

    I heard the Borlas, and the Magnaflows and the SLP's and Bassini but in the end i went with Flowmaster.

    IN MY OPINION, it's the best sounding Mustang exhaust there is. Since my car is just going to be a stock daily driver, i could care less about HP gains. I just wanted something that sounds good when i drive around.

    But in this thread you will notice people support the exhaust they went with. Someone with Borla will say it's the best, someone with flows will think theirs rocks. You really need to listen to clips and videos and cars in person and ask around. I must have pulled next to a dozen stangs on the street and got their attention just to ask what their exhaust combo was. You can't go by what other's opinions are on what sounds best, you need to decide for yourself.