Flowmasters? POS??

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by MY Cobra, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. I was wanting to know if anybody has put on the 40 series flowmasters I see a few peopel with them in there sigs. Would it be better to get 2 of them and weld them in to the place of the stock mufflers or to get a diffrent brand of cat back system. I am looking to spend around 350 installed. I know a cat back is like 4 bolts to hput them on. The guy at the local shop said it was 100 bucks to put them on. that is for a cat back system. I did not think they were that hard to put on. is he trying to screw me over? what woudl sound good for that price range? I am looking for somethign that will kinda scare peopel but not be that really loud over doing it sound. if you know what i mean. thanks in advance.
  2. If you like the classic 5.0 sound go chambered. Flowmasters, MAC, or even the Hooker mufflers (have them on mine and they sound close to Flows) For $100 for a catback install that sounds steep. Figure any well equipped shop could do it it in under an hour on a car with IRS. At say $75 an hour which is what our SVT Ford dealer charges well.....

    BTW, I had the Flowmaster American Thunder CB on mine before I went to a solid axle. Mated with an O/R H pipe it sounded great, classic 5.0.
  3. I hear peopel say that those American thunders are quiet. Is that right? I thgouth the catback install was like 4 bolts? How would it take them an hour? Would i be better off doing it my self. I woudl rather get a catback so i can get some new tips. would this be a better idea than just getting the 40 series and having them welded in? Thanks for your input.
  4. I just had the 40 Series Deltaflows welded into my stock exhaust. The guy that did the install also welded in about a foot of larger-diameter inlet pipe. He said that this would almost eliminate the 2k RPM drone that the flowmasters produce, and it seems he was right. I've had Flowmasters on my last 2 cars, a 94 Z28 and a 99 GT. These drone less, and sound awesome. It was $350 installed.

    I actually wanted the 50 series because I was afraid the 40s would be too loud but they aren't. They have an intimidating sound but not obnoxious....
  5. had 40 series 2 chambered on my 00 GT, along with long tubes and a catted H, great sound, so clean, and I just had the flows welded in. I give them a thumbs up, i am just going with magnaflow because of price/material/ warranty.
  6. sounds good. thanks for all the help. I think i am going to go with the 40's what is this piece you are tlaking about to help them stop from droning? thanks again for all the feedback.
  7. why is it that flowmaster has a lot higher price on there profucts than the little shop down the road from my house has on the same product with the same numbers and everythign? LOL they like to make it but not to sell it to each person?
  8. most businesses do that, i guess so you will support their distributors.
  9. i know there is a guy on ebay that sells the original 40 series for about 38 bucks a peice, i got a couple for my 69 dart. very loud. my friend has some of the delta flow's on his chevy truck and there is a lot less drone
  10. Very loud like annoying loud or what?
  11. 40 series delta flows is the only way to go, anything else does not have the classic muscle car tone, but they thats just me, and no they are not too loud, I don't even see the point for the 50 series...maybe if you had an off road pipe I guess.
  12. ok i am gonna go with those. thanks for the input. :)
  13. i have the 40 series. and they sound great. only negative thing is the 2k drone. :(
  14. ive got the 40 series on my 99 cobra. The sound is very muscular. I paid about 80 bux a piece for them and about $65 to install. Ive heard that bassani cat back makes good power so I may switch to bassani.