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  1. I guess today is FNG Wisconsin day...

    I picked up an 87 GT in a box a month ago, some assembly required. Auto to 5 Speed and Mass Air conversion that went bad and the guy was never able to recover. Took about 40 hours of diagram reading, wire chasing, and soldering. Then put the dash back together and on and on. But..... I won! I got her to run and she runs and drives great!

    I was told that I am the 3rd owner. The car is amazingly solid. It has 58K on the clock, he said it is a true 58K. It could be true. Aside from the conversion stuff the car doesn't seem like it has been adulterated. Needs a headliner real bad!

    It has Premium Sound (6 Speaker) and the EQ. Someone replaced all the speakers with new Pioneers and I think they fried the Amp. I rerouted some plugs back to the head unit and I can get some sound (local stations) but it is very soft. I think that is going to be a PITA, i really want to keep the factory EQ and that really makes this complicated. Any one have some tips for me?

    I blame this ALL on my son. He has a 90 Gt. If I am going to work on junkstangs this much it should at least be on my own, right? The last time I had one was 20 years ago. Black 85 GT 351W 5 speed.

    The pics are from the day she came home. I traded a pair of Jet skis, I was tired of funding all the fun for my kids and he was tired of having the car in his garage. I call it a match.

    I took it out for its first run on Sunday. Yep they pull hole shots today as well as they did 20 years ago. I thought they were faster back then for some reason.

    I heard that mullets are coming back!!!:rlaugh:

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  2. good call on ditching the skis that everyone wants to use but no one wants to maintain or fill up
  3. kinda like the crabs.... really don't miss 'em
  4. Welcome to the site, good luck with the project.
    ................" mullets are coming back ".................in Wisconsin !!
  5. Welcome. You might try calling Crutchfield about your stereo questions.
  6. Welcome.. Idk about the mullets though lol