For Sale: Front Calipers and Rotors - '94 GT

Discussion in 'Wheels Tires Brakes' started by Want2GoFaster, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. SOLD - Mods, please delete
  2. How many miles on the calipers and rotors? Are those black centric rotors?
  3. Just under 60k miles
    They are the stock GT rotors, just turned & I painted the hats & edges myself
  4. What I mean is, are they the black centric GT rotors? I am asking so I can look for a matching set of rear rotors if I get these. From the pictures, the rotors look black and not like a stock type GT rotor (as in color, not size).

    Oh, and what would shipping be like to 77471.

  5. EDIT: Nevermind. I understand what you mean now; you painted the rotors yourself. They look good; threw me off for a second there. Let me know about the shipping quote, and I'll think about it. Would like to get some Cobra Calipers, but these would work for now. I'm wanting to replace the rotors up front while I finish up the suspension work I'm doing.
  6. They're pretty heavy. I'd have to check for sure, but I gave someone else a quote and it was around $35-$45 for shipping
  7. Yeah, I figured it would be around that much. I just joined this site today, even though I've had it booked for ages, lol!. Shoot me a pm or whatever it's called here and we can discuss this further if you want. I'm not planning on tearing into my front end again 'til the end of the month though, so I'm not in a big hurry to get them in.

    Oh, and I took a look at some of your pics of your car in it's various stages; nice work! I wish mine still looked as clean as yours. I'm planning on getting her all nice and pretty though, slowly but surely.
  8. Welcome to the site and thanks for the compliments!
    I'll shoot you a PM and we can discuss further.

    Edit: I gues they're called "Conversations" now. Anyway, I sent you one.
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