Ford GT Superbowl comercial

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  1. That was awesome!! Thank you very much... :banana:
  2. That commercial friggin rocked....

    I don't know if the drag racers would appreciate it involves powerslides and actually turning. Heck...they'd rip out the rear end and figure a way to graft a 9" back there. ;)
  3. Honestly...I love it.....

    And..this will sound soft...but it gives you hope about Ford in general.

    Plus...I am sooo sick of "Does that thing have a Hemi?" :puke:
  4. Ford's year end report just came out:

    DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 22 - Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F] today reported full-year 2003 net income of $495 million, or 27 cents per share. This compares with a net loss of $980 million, or 55 cents per share, for full-year 2002.

    That's promising news.

    I agree totally about the "Hemi" ads. That's almost as played as the Dell dude ads.
  5. i'm going to cry when i see that on a big screen at a superbowl party.
  6. and those hemi commercials... jesus...

    are they trying to kill themselves market wise? I mean, outside the most hick-ish realms of this country, who does that commercial appeal to? I mean, I'm down with the Hemi if they made it a good engine (unfortunately, its little to no better than the 5.4L or LS1) and if they stuck it into some type of muscle/pony car type thing (too bad they killed plymouth, a new cuda woulda been awesome with that thing... it will have to be a charger that competes in the GTOs realm if they are to use old nameplates)... but the don't.. they stick it in ugly trucks, ugly SUVs, and ugly wagons...
  7. The Hemi will only become interesting when we see the V10 Viper w/ Hemi heads, or the supercharged V8 Hemi in the Dodge Magnum SRT-8. Then we'll talk. Until such time, the Hemi is just a gas guzzling overrated V8. Powerful, but not that impressive compared to other V8s.
  8. Actually, the best Hemi commercial is the one Ford did for the 2004 Ford F-150.

    Red Ford F-150 pulling a 1967 Shelby GT-350 pulls up to a black Dodge pulling a 68 Challenger...

    Ford driver; "That thing have a Hemi...."

    Dodge driver; "Yeah...."

    Ford leaves Dodge eating it's dust at the green....

  9. That commercial was sweet, cant wait to see it on a big tv!
    yea the hemi commercials are gettin quite annoying. Esp now that my friend has a hemi ram and my bf wishes our ram was a hemi(so do I but only cuz that would mean it dosent have as many problems) So all i hear is "can you say hemi?" and "did ya see they new hemi commercial?!?!"
  10. I heard Ford pulled that ad cause all test audience could remember after seeing it was the word "Hemi."


    "For a retort ad, released in December, Dodge hired independent testing firm AMCI to race the F-150 against the Ram 2500 with each pulling cars like those in Ford's commercial. Dodge's ad claims the Ram, powered by a 345-horsepower Hemi, beat the F-150 with a 300-horsepower Triton engine 280 times in a row in a 0-60-m.p.h. test done by AMCI.

    Ford claims it's an apples-to-oranges comparison, that its ad was meant to show off the F-150's prowess at towing a big load from a dead stop due to its low-end torque, while the Dodge ad simulates a drag race where the higher-horsepower Hemi engine could have an advantage."

    They also don't mention that a Charger weighs a bit more than a Mustang.
  11. Damn I never got to see that commersial.
  12. In motor trends recent truck of the year contest thingy, it has the F150 at a payload rating of 9200 pounds to the comparable ram with 7500. The F150 is simply a better truck. Only comparable truck, really... is the Nissan Titan (doh).

    edit: but this is about the Ford GT, not trucks, so get back to the GT :)
  13. The F series is indeed the better truck but the Hemi powered Rams are the faster trucks. And I wouldn't call the Hemi overrated. Popular Hot Rodding just did a full write up on them and it was very intresting.