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  1. So I got my tax return on friday and I was wondering if anyone had any experience dealing with or if any one had any other suggestions on where I could get a good bottom end from thanks all.
  2. I've heard nothing but good things about Woody and fordstrokers, he's a friend of Jay Allen ( and comes highly recommended. He's a sponsor at sbf tech and has very good customer service and tech support. His prices are more than reasonable. Give Woody a call and talk to him, he'll make your mind up :nice:
  3. :stupid: Woody is a stand up guy and not to take away from him check out the NMRA classifieds with the way the economy is right now u can score big time over there ask me how I know......:rolleyes:

  4. you can search all you want but you wont find one negative thing about fordstrokers .com. the 347 in my sig was built by woody at fordstrokers and he is a member on under the username "strokeme". I just got around to installing the engine yesterday. i should have it fired up next week sometime. He has a long waiting time after receiving payment(6-8 weeks) but that is for a VERY good reason.

    Here is how i recieved the engine 7 weeks after i ordered it.
  5. Thanks all I just wanted some insight before I through down the cash.
  6. I have heard good things about Woody also but i went wit RNH Performance glad i did:D i'll be posting pics soon heres just a little taste along the way first and early pic then more recent pic, engine and full build pics comin real soon :nice:

  7. yea i was in the same boat did some research it came down to RNH Performance or and i emailed both and Rick at rnh was the only one to get back to me so thats who i went with, plus he is only an hour from me so that worked out better to. Rick is buildin my 347 right now oil pan on up, great guy knows his stuff....89stang1 i saw your car at his shop i was there bout 2 weeks ago lol he had the bay lookin pretty good.