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  1. Afternoon everyone;

    This is my very first post in here. Thanks for letting me join. I would like give you some history on myself. I started the Super Car Showdown in 1985 and sold it off in 1988. I then started the National Muscle Car Association in 1989 and got out of Promotions in 1992 as my children were small and the traveling was tough on them.

    But the main reason I joined is I have some questions that I would like to ask to Forum.
    In 1971 did FORD build a Mach 1 Convertible with a 429 SCJ, Drag Pack, 4-speed, W car which means it came with 4.30:1 gear ratio ? I have been told that they built only 5 Mach 1 Conv with the 429 SCJ package but only one with the Drag Pack and the W code.

    Any help sure would be appreciated.
    If said car does exist what price range should it be in ?

    Chuck Green
    Founder & Director of the Super Car Showdown
    Former Director of the N.M.C.A.
  2. Hiya PSI and welcome to Stangnet.

    I've moved your thread to the classic forum where you're most likely to get an accurate response.

  3. if it is an east coast car Marty from Marty reports may be able to tell you
    west coast you are kind of on your own because no records are available . i would not be surprised to find they did build one atleast.

  4. Here is part of the VIN on the car in question: 1F03J217---
  5. thats an east coast car ,you will be able to get a marty report on that one.
    there was an article in mustangs monthly not to long ago about special one of cars built by ford that kevin Marty found in the ford papers he has
    i know there was one 1969 shelby built with a 302 boss and i think there was somthing on 71-73s possibly about converts .i cant find the magazine but you may be able to search mustang monthlys archives.
  6. You should run a Marti report on the car. I don't think there were any factory line Mach1 convertibles. According to my info, there was 32 "J" 429CJ convertibles made in 71. Some portion of those are 4 speed. This info is from Marti.